Garrett French, Hyper-Disco Marketing Geek

If you’ve ever met Garrett French, you’ll know that he was the perfect person to ask dance in a new Subway commercial. The geeky looks are all his, as for the ‘fro? A wig, but he’s had one before. ;-)

Attorney General Wants Internet Companies to Keep Your Data

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Justice Department is meeting with internet companies such as Google, AOL, Microsoft and Verizon and asking them to keep up to two years of your personal data.

“…the department is interested in records that would allow them to identify which individuals visited certain Web sites and possibly conducted searches using certain terms…It also wants the Internet companies to retain records about whom their users exchange e-mail with, but not the contents of e-mail messages, the executives said.”

Official reasons for the request include child pornography and terrorism investigations, but the door is open for the data to be used for any criminal investigation.

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Listen to a Weird Anglo-American Accent

If there is a common list of people to interview for a podcast, the whole world must just be getting to my name. :-)

Gio Gallucci of Kinetic Results has an interview with me for his KinetiCast series. It’s the first of two-installments.

Be sure to listen-in, as it’s the first time I’ve opened-up about what happened when I left MarketSmart Interactive (WebSourced/KeywordRanking) and why I left behind Search Engine Lowdown. ;-)

Listen to the MP3

Trellian Updates Keyword Discovery

News from Trellian, they’ve made some upgrades to Keyword Discovery.

New Search & Replace Feature:

A new Search & Replace feature now enables you manipulate keyword results.

New Domain Research Feature:

Keyword Discovery now provides a new service for domain name research. All keyword discovery keyword data can now be converted to domain name format and cross-referenced against a DNS .com and .net registry database of to check for availability.

Translate Feature:

The Translation feature can instantly translate search results or project lists to and from various languages including, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

New MarketingMonger Podcasts

Eric’s continuing his quest to interview 1,000 marketers and has added podcasts with three friends.

Garrett French, Avinash Kaushik and Jeremiah Owyang.

Google Deking the Press on Browser Plans?

eWeek is among many that have published articles today based on Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s statement about a possible Google browser.

“It looks like people have some good browsers choices already,” Schmidt said. “We would not build a browser for the fun of building a browser,” he said.

Pretty much everyone took the comment to mean, “no Google browser”, but I’ve been listening to Google long enough to know that they always leave the door open. While Google wouldn’t build a browser for the “fun of building a browser”, building it to make some cold, hard cash, is a pretty good reason.

The Carolina Hurricanes are in game 7 tonight – and with that much hockey, you quickly learn that deking is an important part of any strategy. ;-)

Google Struggling to Expand Ad Audience

Two different stories point to Google’s struggle to expand into new forms for advertising. looks at the company’s hopes of reaching brand marketers, something Yahoo does a whole lot better. According to CEO Eric Schmidt…

“There’s demand for branded advertising product in every country and in every market and from every kind of customer,” Mr Schmidt said. “It’s a question of whether our system, which is so highly measurable, can really handle that . . . We have not yet come up with an approach that meets the kind of measurable . . . based advertising that we’d really like to put our brand and our name behind.”

Meanwhile, MarketWatch focuses on Google’s inability to tap into print ads.