Google Deking the Press on Browser Plans?

eWeek is among many that have published articles today based on Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s statement about a possible Google browser.

“It looks like people have some good browsers choices already,” Schmidt said. “We would not build a browser for the fun of building a browser,” he said.

Pretty much everyone took the comment to mean, “no Google browser”, but I’ve been listening to Google long enough to know that they always leave the door open. While Google wouldn’t build a browser for the “fun of building a browser”, building it to make some cold, hard cash, is a pretty good reason.

The Carolina Hurricanes are in game 7 tonight – and with that much hockey, you quickly learn that deking is an important part of any strategy. ;-)

Google Struggling to Expand Ad Audience

Two different stories point to Google’s struggle to expand into new forms for advertising. looks at the company’s hopes of reaching brand marketers, something Yahoo does a whole lot better. According to CEO Eric Schmidt…

“There’s demand for branded advertising product in every country and in every market and from every kind of customer,” Mr Schmidt said. “It’s a question of whether our system, which is so highly measurable, can really handle that . . . We have not yet come up with an approach that meets the kind of measurable . . . based advertising that we’d really like to put our brand and our name behind.”

Meanwhile, MarketWatch focuses on Google’s inability to tap into print ads.

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Are You a Googlehead?

What happens when cheese meets Google? You get the Googlehead song.

Via Valleywag.

Ask Combines Bloglines Index to Launch New Blog Search Engine

Whenever two great ideas come together, it’s now common to see some kind of trite reference to the classic “your peanut butter is in my chocolate“, made famous by Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Often the comparison is weak and the new product fails to live-up to the expectation created by the use of such a comparison. Not so with which today announces the launch of “Blog & Feed Search” – the integration of its search expertise with the blogging technology of Bloglines. And what a sweet treat the company is serving up.

Yahoo Changes Video Service to Compete

AP has details of Yahoo’s changes to its online video service, in an attempt to better compete with YouTube and Google Video.

Yahoo will store homemade videos on its own site for the first time as it attempts to build a platform for people to browse and rate the clips. The videos will be separated into different categories, including a section devoted to the most-watched selections.

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Made it back from vacation and normal blogging will resume shortly.

In the meantime, here’s a photo to keep you entertained. :-)

Chichen Itza – Mexico

Google AdWords Dayparting: Coming Soon!

From the Search Engine Watch Blog:

“At Search Engine Watch Live in Seattle last week, Lexa Pope from the Google AdWords team discussed their new ad scheduling features that will be released in a few weeks. The new features will allow advertisers to schedule the ads to show on weekends or weekdays only, or on other set days the advertiser specifies. Dayparting is also included allowing advertisers to schedule their ads during specific hours, such as to run late at night or at lunchtime only.”

I know quite a few people that will be stoked to have this new functionality given to advertisers:

“Ad scheduling allows advertisers to run their ads and modify their bids based on time of day as well as intra-day and intra-week cycles in campaign performance.”