Yahoo Outlines Plans to Beat Google

It seems like everyone wants a piece of Google these days. Not only has Microsoft laid down the gauntlet, but Yahoo has now picked it up, slapped it on the side of Eric Schmidt’s dimpled cheeks, spat on it, and thrown it back down again – get the picture? :-)

At Yahoo’s recent analyst day, we hear from Yahoo CEO, Terry Semel about their plans to leapfrog Google.

By using a variety of techniques, from encouraging users to “tag” information they find useful on the web to getting them to answer questions from other users directly, Yahoo hopes to make its search results more relevant and so reverse the slip in its share of the global search market.

Meanwhile, Tim Cadogan, vice president of search, explained how their improving their ad platform.

Google Guys Make Ten Billion Dollar Bet

Well, kinda…


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RSS Spending Grows As Does Email Clicks

Two studies picked-up by MarketingVOX.

1. JupiterResearch reports 63% of large companies plan to use RSS to syndicate content by the end of the year (compared to just 29% currently).

2. eROI reports increased click-thru rates for email during Q1, compared to a decrease in Q4 of 2005. Weekend open rates saw the biggest improvement.

Testing Skype

I must have had a premonition about Skype, as I joined the service about a week before they announced their free calls for the remainder of the year, promotion.

Any how, I’ve added a status bar to the right navigation menu and my Skype name is “andybeal” and my Skype number is “919-647-9655″. This is mostly so Richard Branson knows how to reach me – oh, but I guess others can use it too. ;-)

Free calls, from my computer? Got to be worth trying! Well, at least until I get round to testing AOL’s new phone service. ;-)

A Chat with MarketingMonger

I just got done chatting to Eric Mattson of MarketingMonger about FI, our technology, blogging, reputation monitoring and much more.

Here’s Eric’s blog post and here’s a direct link to the podcast.

PS. Kudos to Eric. What a great way to get 1,000 inbound links. Simply interview 1,000 bloggers – we all love to be heard and you know we’ll link to the audio. Got to be easier than begging for links. ;-)

Microsoft to Offer Free Analytics?

According to eWeek, we can expect to see an announcement from Microsoft today, that could include a rival for Google’s free analytics tool.

If that happens, expect Google to open up Google Analytics invitations real fast. ;-)

Final Proof that Alexa Rankings Are a Joke?

I’ve always said that Alexa data is a nice tool, but doesn’t give any serious data that can be relied on.

Matt Cutts comes to the same conclusion, after Alexa suggested his blog’s traffic gets 25% the level of – yeah, right.

…there is some serious webmaster skew in the Alexa data. There is no way that I have 1/4th the daily reach of Ask. I think my site gets a little boost because tons of SEOs install the Alexa toolbar.