Click Fraud Settlement Due to Fear of Dismissal?

Over at Adotas, Jordan Glogau raises an interesting theory on why the “Lane’s Gifts” lawsuit was settled for such a paltry amount.

Glogau suggests the suit was in jeopardy because it wasn’t filed in California, as required in Google’s T&Cs.

So why did Google change its mind and decide to settle in Arkansas? That is simple, the terms are totally one-sided in Google’s favor. Because Google was about to have the case against it dismissed based on the fact that it was in the wrong venue, it forced Lane’s Gifts’ lawyers into a bad deal. Google’s lawyers figured they could give a small amount of cash to these lawyers and limited refunds to the advertisers. Adopts New Interface

ClickZ has details of’s relaunch and interface changes.

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RSS Micro Search on the Radar

Rubel uncovers RSS Micro, a new search engine for RSS feeds.

RSS Micro has a couple of features that differentiate it from others. First, I like how it integrates news and blogs together. RSS Micro also shows you searches related to the one you entered. It will also soon give you the ability to subscribe to a blog or news feed from inside a search. The site also retains your search history, but through cookies not user registration.

One downside. Using Ajax means I can’t bookmark individual searches as they all have the same URL (ie.

A Closer Look at The Huffington Post

Doesn’t matter which blogs are your favorite reads, you’ve most likely read, or at least heard-of, The Huffington Post.

The NYT looks at how Arianna Huffington has built an empire based on two fundamentals:

1. Hire 700 bloggers and let them have at it.
2. Attack the Bush administration.

MySpace Accounts for 8% of Google’s Traffic

Someone – preferrably Google – needs to chat to News Corp about acquiring/partnering with MySpace pretty darn quick, as Hitwise reports the site accounts for 8.2% of Google’s inbound traffic.

Via Battelle.

P.S. Anyone else freaked out by John’s favicon? John, quit staring at me! :-) Listening to Bloggers

Nice to see that not only does have its finger on the pulse of blogging, but they have a sense of humor and they link to bloggers.

Very cool!

Blog Spam at its Finest

Want to know how NOT to blog?

Take a look at (no link for you) and gasp at the long list of blogs they have listed in the right-hand menu. Then take a look at each post, looks like they’re mostly stealing other’s content.

Ryan Bowman, we thank you for adding so quality content to the web.