Google Health Actually Google Co-op

So Google Health was a slight-of-hand, what we really got today was Google Co-op (beta, of course). From Google’s press release…

Google Co-op beta is a community where users can contribute their knowledge and expertise to improve Google search for everyone. Organizations, businesses, or individuals can label web pages relevant to their areas of expertise or create specialized links to which users can subscribe.

Once a user has subscribed to a provider’s content, all of that provider’s labels and subscribed links are added to the user’s search results for relevant queries. These contributions serve as meta information that helps Google’s search algorithms connect users to the most relevant information for their specific query. Users interested in contributing can get started at

New Google Desktop Features Google Gadgets

SEW has details of a new beta version of Google Desktop just announced. The new version includes Google Gadgets, which includes a host of cool new widgets.

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Google Trends Opens-up Zeitgeist

Listening to the Google Press Day stream, it appears the company is going to launch has launched Google Trends – basically opening up Google Zeitgeist to marketers.

With Google Trends, you can compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched for on Google over time. Google Trends also displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which geographic regions have searched for them most often.

Google Press Day Video Feed

For when you want to be there, but can’t.

Video Gamers Get Their Own Search Engine

ClickZ reports the Ziff Davis Game Group is today launching Gazerk, a vertical search engine for the gaming vertical, powered by Kosmix.

Is Google’s “Big Daddy” Too Big for Its Boots?

eWeek looks at the erratic behavior of Google’s results since the most recent “Big Daddy” update.

It seems the company is randomly dropping sites and then adding them back, days later.

Yahoo Suggests Google Alternative

Yahoo is testing their own version of Google Suggest, on the AlltheWeb platform.

As Yahoo’s Don Chennavasin explains…

As soon as I start to type a query, Livesearch suggests the right query and shows me the results page before I even press a search button. For example, I wanted to look for “mission impossible 3�. Just as I finished typing “mission�, Livesearch is already recommending “mission impossible 3� as the search, and then instantaneously shows me the results page.

I can’t remember the last time I went to AllTheWeb, when did it start “borrowing” Google’s layout? ;-)