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Video Gamers Get Their Own Search Engine

ClickZ reports the Ziff Davis Game Group is today launching Gazerk, a vertical search engine for the gaming vertical, powered by Kosmix.

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Is Google’s “Big Daddy” Too Big for Its Boots?

eWeek looks at the erratic behavior of Google’s results since the most recent “Big Daddy” update.

It seems the company is randomly dropping sites and then adding them back, days later.

Yahoo Suggests Google Alternative

Yahoo is testing their own version of Google Suggest, on the AlltheWeb platform.

As Yahoo’s Don Chennavasin explains…

As soon as I start to type a query, Livesearch suggests the right query and shows me the results page before I even press a search button. For example, I wanted to look for “mission impossible 3�. Just as I finished typing “mission�, Livesearch is already recommending “mission impossible 3� as the search, and then instantaneously shows me the results page.

I can’t remember the last time I went to AllTheWeb, when did it start “borrowing” Google’s layout? ;-)

Google Health Launching Today, a Smart Move for Google?

Reports suggest Google will today announce the launch of Google Health. In anticipation of the launch, Hitwise has put together some information on the health vertical to determine whether this is a smart move by Google.

Hitwise clickstream data shows that for the month of April 2006, 2.67% of Google’s downstream traffic went to sites in the Health & Medical category. Yahoo! Search sent 2.43% of its traffic to this category, while MSN Search sent 1.97%, which shows that Health is a smart vertical initiative for Google.

That being said, Hitwise points out that not every new Google product becomes a category-killer.

Ingenio and UpSNAP Partner

UpSNAP, a free provider of mobile search and entertainment, will integrate PPC listings from Ingenio, according to their press release.

“We see Pay Per Call advertising poised for significant growth, especially in the context of mobile and local search-based advertising,â€? said Tony Philipp, President and CEO of UpSNAP, in a statement. “By partnering with Ingenio, we can optimize our mobile search technology to deliver consumers fast, free access to more of the kind of local information they’re looking for – be it a hotel, florist or pizza joint – in a format that is accessible by virtually all mobile devices.â€?

UpSNAP is based in North Carolina.

Online Advertising Grows-up

Elinor Mills looks at how online advertising has grown-up over the past few years. Unlike the late ’90s when banner-ads saw a boom and bust, today’s internet ad campaigns are more savvy and search is leading the way.