Inside Google Book Search

Google has launched a new blog for it’s Google Book Search product.

Now the big question; can Nathan claim copyright infringement for using “Inside Google”? He did get there first. ;-)

Google Using Acquisition Talk to Gain Insider Knowledge?

Reading SiliconBeat’s recap of why Google walked away from buying Olive Software, an off-line to XML comversion company, I noticed a juicy bit of speculation.

Is Google turning into a Microsoft? Checking out the goods, and then going back and building it themselves? Or hiring away the better employees? Here’s what one person said: “Google learned a LOT about Olive… everything.”

If Google ends-up building the technology themselves (or hiring key Olive employees) would you see this as shady or brilliance on Google’s part?

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Newspaper Circulation Drops, But Online Versions Grow

USA Today reports circulation for newspapers has declined during the past six months.

Average weekday circulation fell 2.5%, to 45.4 million, in the six months ending March 31, vs. the same period last year, according to a Newspaper Association of America (NAA) analysis of Audit Bureau of Circulations data from 770 dailies.

But, if they can continue to monetize their online offering, they may be able to take advantage of the growing number of people getting their news via the web.

Nielsen/NetRatings data showing that an average of 56 million Web users visited a newspaper site in each of the first three months of 2006, up 8% from the same period in 2005.

Does Google Use Whois for Sandbox?

SEW looks at whether Google might be using Whois information when determining the legitimacy of a particular web site. This would certainly give fuel to those who believe Google “sandboxes” newer domain names.

Strategic Commenting Can Build Blog Traffic

Amy Gahran offers an interesting guide to building blog traffic by implementing a strategic commenting campaign.

If your weblog currently doesn’t have much of an audience, then an easy way to build an audience is to constructively leverage audiences already fostered by more established bloggers in your field. This means being proactive about building new connections.

I’ve used this myself and know many others that have come to MP and been very vocal in my comments section – coincidently they usually have a new blog themselves. :-)

Not surprisingly, Amy’s post has attracted a lot of comments. ;-)

Interested in a Search Marketing Career?

Mike Taylor, of Jobs In Search, has just uploaded audio of his interview with your’s truly. In the interview, I talk about the growth of Fortune Interactive, what we look for in a candidate and some advice for getting your resume noticed.

In-House Search Marketers Not Focused

DM News takes a look at a new study by JupiterResearch, that finds most in-house search marketers are distracted by other duties and likely not getting the best return.

…58 percent of search marketers also handle Web site design, 57 percent handle e-mail advertising, 49 percent are responsible for marketing communications and 44 percent are involved in market research…in addition, 26 percent of search professionals also handle IT functions.

Compare that to a search marketing agency such as Fortune Interactive, where we not only have dedicated search specialists, but also have people that focus on particular aspects of search marketing (such as copywriting or competitive analysis). With many companies’ in-house search marketers focusing on other things, it’s no wonder most still outsource the bulk of their SEM campaigns.