Are Blogs the Medium of the Future?

Doing anything for the next 15 mins? That’s how long you’ll need to read the Financial Times article on the rise of blogging as a publishing medium and challenger to print.

You may want to wait to read it for when you’re wide awake and have your wits about you. Dem der FT jernolists use a lot of mighty fancy words. ;-)

But as with any revolution, we must ask whether we are being sold a naked emperor. Is blogging really an information revolution? Is it about to drive the mainstream news media into oblivion? Or is it just another crock of virtual gold – a meretricious equivalent of all those noisy internet start-ups that were going to build a brave “new economyâ€? a few years ago?

Podbridge Offers Podcast Ad Network

Kevin has a great summary of a new podcast advertising network from Podbridge that includes distribution on the BBC and Clear Channel radio.

Podbridge will serve and track audio ads to podcasts in its network. Most ads will be :15 or less, and can be placed within the podcast, or inserted before or after the podcast. If a publisher wishes to insert ads within the content, he can either use a cue sheet to notify Podbridge of the timestamp where the ad should be, or he can insert a tone into the broadcast which the Podbridge software will recognize and insert ads automatically at that point.

The ads are inserted dynamically and are sold on a CPM basis.

Channel Sponsors

Paid Search Impressions Up 16 Percent

ClickZ reports sponsored link impressions on Google and Yahoo! grew 16 percent in the past six months, according to data released by Nielsen//NetRatings.

Yahoo grew at a faster percentage rate – mostly due to having a smaller base to start with.

I’ve not been keeping track, but I wonder if any of the growth came from simply adding more sponsored links per search result page.

PreFound Brings Revenue Share to Social Search Engine

The social search engine, Prefound announced today that it will begin sharing revenue with topic experts to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information on specific topics of interest to the community.

PreFound’s “Featured Findersâ€? will benefit from the international exposure as domain experts as well as receive 100% of the advertising revenue that their individual pages generate.

More details via the press release.

Steve Rubel Leaves CooperKatz, Joins Edelman

ClickZ reports blogvangelist, Steve Rubel is leaving CooperKatz to join Edelman. Rubel will senior VP in charge of winning word-of-mouth (WOM) business.

Best of luck Steve!

Local Search to Grow to $13 Billion

If The Kelsey Group’s predictions are correct, the global market for local search, including online Yellow Pages, will grow at 30.5% per year in the next five years, reaching $13 billion in 2010.

Via MarketingVOX.

More Ad Spend Going Online

ClickZ has details of a new study that suggests the continued shift of ad dollars to online marketing.

This year, online marketing spending is expected to increase 19 percent. This is eight times TV and radio’s expected 2.4 percent rise, and six times print’s 3.3 percent…search engine ad spending is set to grow 26 percent this year. Budget allocation for Google amounts to $3.7 million; $4.6 million for Yahoo!; and $4.6 million for MSN.

Blog marketing
is also predicted to see huge growth this year.

Spending on blog and wireless marketing sits at two percent of the online budget. Blog advertising should grow 43 percent; and wireless is expected to increase 19 percent.