Could Google Buy China’s Sina?

BusinessWeek suggests Google may look to acquire China-based Sina, a rapidly growing media portal.

With its online ad business projected to grow 30% to 35% annually for the next three years, Sina is a “very attractive target” for Google, says Jane Hsieh of investment firm Clay Finlay…Google wants to gain a larger foothold in China, she says, and is “considering Sina as a buyout.”

Sina offers services such as news, entertainment, and other content targeting people of Chinese descent.

Google Style GuGe Logo

LiewCF has decided to show Google how their new logo should look. Very cool!

Via Nathan.

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The CIA Tracking Blogs

It seems that big business are not the only ones interested in tracking online blogs, the CIA has launched an initiative to track the blogosphere.

As OSC Director Douglas J. Naquin told The Washington Times, “A lot of blogs now have become very big on the Internet, and we’re getting a lot of rich information on blogs that are telling us a lot about social perspectives and everything from what the general feeling is to … people putting information on there that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

I’m always looking for new readers, so, early next week, I’ll be revealing the secret location of Osama Bin Laden, showing your where Sadam Hussein keeps his nuclear weapons and reveal all about Area 51. – that should get the spooks driving up my visitor count. ;-)

Yahoo Gives Babel Fish New Features

Over at the Yahoo blog, comes news that translation service Babel Fish has received a makeover, complete with a host of new features.

Drinking the Google Juice

Rand points to a new article from the Washington Post’s Leslie Walker. She looks at how improve your “Google juice” by using “search-massage consultants” but warns us to be careful of the “search-engine police”. ;-)

Get Google SketchUp for Free

Google has released Google Sketchup, the recently acquired 3D modeling software and making it available for free (except for concerned residents of San Francisco, who don’t like free stuff from Google).

As Nathan explains…

The free version lets you create 3D models of “houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships�, detailing and texturing as necessary. All your work can be placed in Google Earth and shared, as well as posted to Google’s 3D Warehouse. You can also grab anything from the Warehouse and edit it, giving you a great base to start from.

More via the Google blog.

Google Wi-Fi Deal Facing Absurd Criticism

eWeek reports that San Francisco Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, the ACLU and couple of other groups do not want the current Google/Earthlink free wi-fi deal to go ahead.

It seems they’re concerned that users will be asked to provide information that would allow Google to track who they are and where they.

As the Travelocity gnome would say…”Bullhonkery”.

Hello? Google is offering free wi-fi, that’s F.R.E.E, free, as in no cost. Let them collect the information. If users don’t want to give out their info, guess what, let them pay for wi-fi access!