Google Adding 100k Servers a Quarter?

Greg Linden looks at Google’s capital expenditures in Q1 of 2006 and speculates that Google could be buying 100,000 new servers each quarter.

Steve Berkowitz Leaves for Microsoft

Interesting news for a Saturday, Reuters reports Microsoft has snagged Steve Berkowitz,’s CEO, to head up its internet business.

Congrats to Steve.

A blow to Of course, but Jim Lanzone is more than capable to take over.

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Google Offends Artist’s Family

These days Google offers up a customized logo for just about any event, so it’s no longer news. But, as Threadwatch reports, being accused of copyright infringement and having to take down a logo, that deserves a mention.

I agree with one of the TW comments. While having the Google doodle is great for awareness, asking them to remove it generates a whole lot more buzz than the actual logo.

Free Web Analytics with ClickTracks Appetizer

How does a web analytics firm compete with Google Analytics’ free service? Well, if you’re ClickTracks, you offer a free version yourself in an effort to upgrade them to the paid version.

Nice move JM! ;-)

Google Already Testing Orion Technology?

PC Magazine reports Google is testing expanded entries in their search results.

Screenshots of the service appeared on the web earlier this week showing search results with an expansion button that presents longer excerpts from linked sites as well as links to related content and a ‘search this site’ option.

PC Magazine suggests this is an implementation of the Orion technology acquired a couple weeks back. I tend to think that is not likely – I can’t see how they could implement it that fast. More likely, Google had developed their own technology in house and, being close to launching it, acquired Orion to avoid any patent infringement issues.

Behavioral Targeting in Online Ad Spending to Grow

eMarketer predicts that marketers will spend $1.2 billion on behavior targeted online advertising in 2006.

Watching Google First Quarter Earnings

According to Bambi, analysts are confident in their projections for Google’s Q1 earnings.

[Google is] expected to post earnings excluding stock-based compensation of $1.97 a share, up 53% from the year-earlier period’s $1.29 a share.

Sales excluding expenses Google pays to its distribution partners are estimated to grow 85% to $1.47 billion from $795 million.

We’ll know if they’ve got it right, when Google announces after the closing bell today.

UPDATE: Here’s the official numbers

Net income for the first quarter rose to $592 million, or $1.95 per diluted share, compared with the year-earlier quarter’s $372 million, or $1.29 per diluted share. Revenue rose 79 percent to $2.25 billion — compared with Wall Street forecasts for 63 percent to 78 percent growth.