Cross-Browser Device Assessment Panel at Cre8asite Forums

Today is Marketing Pilgrim’s “Community Announcement” day. :-)

Kim Krause Berg is launching a new forum over at Cre8asiteforums entitled “Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel (CDAP)“.

The forum itself is designed for ongoing input and review. Those in the community who want to share their skills and knowledge with accessibility, browser issues, CSS, etc. will have plenty of opportunities to do so.

Anyone else need a shout out? Send me your announcements and we’ll send you the love.

High Rankings Seminar Coming to the Bay Area

Jill Whalen wants to pass on to our readers a 25% discount to her seminar being held March 30-31. Use “PILGRIM” when you register and you’ll be all set.

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Yahoo Launches New APIs

Yahoo has just not quite made available new APIs via the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Yahoo! Photos API: In the coming months, a new Yahoo! Photos API to allow developers to build custom applications on top of the world’s largest photo sharing service(a). By opening up its API, Yahoo! Photos encourages the developer community and photo product providers to create value-added features and products for Yahoo! Photos’ 34 million users worldwide(a).

Yahoo! Shopping APIs: Based on developer feedback, Yahoo! Shopping has enhanced its APIs with a new browse navigation feature that helps consumers quickly narrow their product search by providing the user with a menu of sub-categories and product attributes to further refine their search results. A browse shopping experience with category and attribute based refinement can also be built, allowing users to drill down and obtain product results meeting their preferred product criteria.

Google Employee Search Lacking in UK

So if Google can’t attract top talent in London, it begs the question; where do all the smart people work in England?

Search Relevance is Dead!

I’ve been saying for a long time that the race for “relevance” among search engines is over. If you take the top 5 search engines, you’ll see that they all do about the same job of providing accurate search results. Instead, the race has moved on to who can launch the most features and products.

Anyway, a new study out of France confirms that Yahoo and Google are pretty much the same. The most interesting data is that, while true that most search engines are equal in relevance, they still all do a pretty poor job in satisfaction.

Google and Yahoo tied for first place, with a rating of 2.3, but the most striking result is undoubtedly the extremely low level of user satisfaction. None of the search engines even passed (2.5 out of 5)

Find Your Way to Ask Maps

Ask wants you to take the “taste test” and compare their maps tool to Google’s and Yahoo’s.

We believe our partners at GlobeXplorer have the most comprehensive and rich set of satellite and aerial imagery in the United States, and as some of you have noticed, in western Europe (check out this awesome view of The Louvre for all of you Da Vinci Code fans).

Google to Offer Online Hard Drive?

Lots of people jumping on the rumor that Google may be set to launch an online hard drive service, after slides alluded to such at the recent Google Analyst Day.

This sure looks like they’re building a Google “Live” product. Email, calendar, storage, desktop search all hosted online – who needs Microsoft?