Sprint and InfoSpace Join Forces

According to Reuters, Sprint has joined forces with InfoSpace to offer a $2.99 a month service that combines positioning awareness technology with local search. The new service is called “Find It”.

At last, no more having to enter an address or zip code before finding the best pizza in town.

Google Dominates UK Search

WebSideStory data suggests Google powers three quarters of all search referrals in the UK.

The search giant referred an average of 74.67 per cent of all UK visitors to other sites on the web in February, compared to just 9.3 per cent for its nearest competitor, Yahoo, according to the WebSideStory Index.

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Google Testing New Interface?

Could this new Google interface see the light of day?

Ask TV Commercials Hit the Spot

I didn’t much care for the TV commercials Ask ran last year – remember the “don’t ask William Hong, Ask Jeeves”, yuk – but the new commercials are brilliant.

You can now view them over at the Ask blog.

Just one question. Guys, can you put me out of my misery? The voiceover for the commercials, is it the guy who plays Jim on “The Office”? Sure sounds like him.

Classified Search Engines Not Always Welcomed

ClickZ looks at how newly launched classified aggregator, Vast.com, is annoying a few classified providers by somehow bypassing password protected areas and draining servers.

One company goes as far as accusing Vast of stealing…

“This is called stealing content…there’s no advantage to me to have them steal,” commented Laurel Touby, founder and CEO of media industry site mediabistro.com


Certainly Vast is not alone in convincing classified sites that they’re helping them bring new visitors, but if the classified search engines are to see a bright future, they’ll need to secure strong partnerships with their partner sites.

Google Wants Patent for Wi-Fi Hotspot Ads

ClickZ has uncovered details of a new patent filing by Google that describes targeted web ads for users of Wi-Fi hotspots.

It describes a method by which an end user accessing the Internet via a wireless access point (WAP) would be served advertisements based on factors such as the geographic location of the WAP, a behavioral profile of users of the WAP, the vertical market served by the WAP’s owner, or other predetermined criteria.

Smart move by Google. Offer free wi-fi and support it using AdWords. It will be interesting to see how they display the ads. A welcome screen when you first connect is the obvious choice, but most people would simply skip past that. Maybe some kind of frame at the top of the page with contextual ads or perhaps using the AutoLink feature to add ad-links to certain words on the page.

Google Joins S&P 500 Index

Barry reports Google will join the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index on March 31st.