Google Considers Joining Eclipse

eWeek reports Google may consider joining Eclipse.

The article doesn’t do a great job of explaining what the heck Eclipse is, but the Eclipse site does…

Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software.

Sixty Three Percent of Searchers Buy Offline

comScore and Google have released a new study – “The Role of Search in Consumer Buyingâ€? – which examined holiday related purchases to see which completed online and which offline.

The result? A staggering 63% of all online shoppers completed their purchase by buying offline at a store. The share jumps when you narrow down to certain categories such as Toys, Video Games and Jewelry.

“We find that many multi-channel retailers already understand that search has tremendous impact on both online and offline purchases,� said John McAteer, head of retail, Google. “This research helps quantify exactly how influential search really is for the overall buying process.�

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Negative Word of Mouth More Powerful than Actual Experience

Are you still nonchalent when it comes to tracking negative consumer-generated media? Do you think it doesn’t effect your company? A new study will likely change your mind.

According to the Customer Dissatisfaction Study, released today, more than 50% of American shoppers say a negative shopping experience of a friend or co-worker will prevent them from setting foot in a store altogether.

From the press release…

“This study is unlike anything we’ve seen before because it shows that for every 100 American shoppers, 64 people will be told about a store’s poor products or services and no matter what that store does to entice shoppers – sales, promotions, advertising, marketing – those people will not set foot in their store,” says Paula Courtney, President, The Verde Group.

Google And Nike Launch Soccer Community

Nathan has details of Joga, a new site for soccer (real FOOTball) fans launched by Google and Nike.

From the Joga site…

Joga is a place to meet other soccer players, share your own soccer experiences and enjoy photos and videos from around the world.

Membership is by invite only. Let’s hope this is actually used by soccer fans as opposed to criminals. ;-)

UPDATE: Lincoln Ellis of emailed me to let me know that is already doing what Joga aims to offer… – which has a 10yr track record of publishing in over 10 languages and counts members from 203 of the 207 FIFA sanctioned countries – as the Grandfather of this idea. Not coincidentally, is launching its own revamped community site – – April 15th”

Round-up of Web Acquisitions

It’s been a busy week for acquisitions already.

DoubleClick has snapped up rival Falk eSolutions, an online ad delivery and marketing management solutions firm based in Germany, for an undisclosed sum. (via

VeriSign has agreed to acquire m-Qube, a leader in the fledgling U.S. mobile marketing sector, for $250 million in cash. (via ClickZ)

Internet TV player Brightcove has acquired rich media technology provider MetaStories to increase its self-service publishing capabilities. (via ClickZ)

Google Launches Yahoo Finance Rival

I’m a heavy user of Yahoo Finance, in part because whenever you search for a ticker at Google, the first result is always a summary from Yahoo.

That’s just changed, with news from CNet that Google is today launching a beta test of Google Finance. Google Finance promises some cool new features…

Charts can be changed to show stock activity for different time periods by clicking and dragging, and they can be zoomed in on to get more detailed information. News stories that correspond to specific days are displayed on the side and are automatically adjusted to reflect the selected time period.

Google Finance will become a strong ally for those looking to track their company reputation. Google will incorporate blog postings and forum discussions alongside mainstream news stories.

No MSN Search on Google’s BlogSpot

Nathan reports Google is not allowing a blogger to include an MSN Search box on a blog hosted at

While the policy may not give anyone the “warm and fuzzies”, Google is providing the Blogspot hosting for free. Seems like a reasonable request that you don’t upload anything that belongs to a competitor in return for free hosting.