Internet Giants to Blame for Continued Email SPAM

[Andy's note: If you're a regular reader of Marketing Pilgrim - or my old blog - you'll recognize the regular comments by 'MikeOK'. I've always enjoyed Mike's point of view and so recently asked him if he would like to contribute an article on the topic of his choosing. So the following is by Mike O'Krongli]

Internet giants Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL should be held accountable for the decline of usability of email, the most basic communication tool on the internet. They all have email services that filter spam and send blacklist and sometimes whitelist messages to a junk or spam folder. This action is leading to a ballooning email spam epidemic with many faces.

Valleywag on Google’s Hitlist

Could Google’s recent change to their position on manually changing search results be in light of Valleywag? ;-)

I can see it now…[click] “oops, I just ‘accidently’ moved Valleywag to the #500 position.”

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Google Acquires Measure Map Blog Analytics

It’s already all over the web, but we’re going to cover the announcement too. ;-) Google has announced the acquisition of Measure Map, an analytics tool aimed at bloggers looking to better understand their audience.

Google Partners with BearingPoint for Enterprise Search

Hot off the wire. BearingPoint is partnering with Google to provide enterprise search solutions for various verticals.

BearingPoint extends Google’s search capabilities by offering companies customized search technology tailored for specific business environments in industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking, brokerage, high-tech and aerospace.

“We are enthusiastic about providing the marketplace with our new suite of solutions for Google’s search products and see a tremendous opportunity to address a significant and growing sector,” said Harry You, CEO, BearingPoint. “Search technology is rapidly becoming a critical application in today’s business environment and BearingPoint is committed to developing the products, services and partners that keep us at the forefront of the information technology landscape.”

Google Manipulating Search Results?

Could Google’s recent change to their “Help Center” be an admission that they do manually change search results? According to Google Blogoscoped, the following wording was recently removed.

“The order and contents of Google search results are completely automated. No one hand picks a particular result for a given search query.�

Via Barry.

EFF Urges Caution When Using New Google Desktop

eWeek reports the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation is warning users of Google’s new desktop update to not enable the “share across computers” feature.

“[We urge] consumers not to use this feature, because it will make their personal data more vulnerable to subpoenas from the government and possibly private litigants, while providing a convenient one-stop-shop for hackers who’ve obtained a user’s Google password,” the EFF said in a statement.

Google Offers Corporate Gmail

Google has announced a corporate Gmail service that allows you to link your own domain name with Gmail’s interface.

This special beta test lets you give Gmail, Google’s webmail service, to every user at your domain. Gmail for your domain is hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware or software for you to install or maintain.

It’s a limited beta and they’re already testing with San Jose City College.