No MSN Search on Google’s BlogSpot

Nathan reports Google is not allowing a blogger to include an MSN Search box on a blog hosted at

While the policy may not give anyone the “warm and fuzzies”, Google is providing the Blogspot hosting for free. Seems like a reasonable request that you don’t upload anything that belongs to a competitor in return for free hosting.

Shel Israel Does Love CEO Bloggers

After Shel realized I wasn’t the only one who intepreted his post on CEO bloggers as a dislike for them, he’s added a new post to clarify a few points.

I spent a part of yesterday fuming that I was being misquoted and misrepresented, scattering testy comments on other people’s blogs. But, when this many people take me to task for saying something I didn’t think I said, I have to believe that the mistake is with the sender (me) not the receivers (everyone else).

Some of Shel’s clarifications include…

Channel Sponsors Loses PageRank So Sues Google should take the money they’re going to waste on suing Google and spend it on AdWords instead.

If they think they’re going to win their lawsuit that alleges Google’s removal of their PageRank is unlawful, they should get some advice from SearchKing first.

That being said, one aspect intrigues me…

KinderStart’s lawsuit alleges Google’s policing efforts have penalized Web sites that have done nothing wrong. To make matters worse, the suit alleges the banished sites can’t determine how they can restore their standings because the company doesn’t explain its actions.

I do think there should be a clearer way for penalized sites to address why Google has stripped their PageRank. It wouldn’t hurt Google to provide them with a list of why they were penalized. Matt Cutts already does this over at his blog, so surely it could be expanded for everyone.

Google Avoids Surrendering Search Requests

AP has details of what information Google must hand over to the Bush administration, and it appears to be good news.

Instead of handing over thousands of search requests, Google will hand over the addresses of 50,000 randomly selected web sites.

[Judge] Ware, though, decided Google won’t have to disclose what people have been looking for on its widely used search engine, handing a significant victory to the company and privacy rights advocates.

I’m not quite sure how the 50,000 random web sites will help the DOJ. Wasn’t the purpose of this to see if children are being exposed to porn, when searching for innocuous terms? Without the search term data, isn’t a list of 50,000 web sites worthless?

Am I missing something here?

The End of Google’s Gmail?

Some may call me an alarmist, but could we be witnessing the beginning of the end for Google’s GMail? The company is already tip-toeing thru the issues surrounding privacy and the DOJ. Now comes word that a Judge has just ordered Google to hand over all emails – including those deleted – belonging to a Gmail account.

I can’t see how Google is going to be able to fight this, but it sets a dangerous precedent that emails, you thought were deleted on Gmail, are still available to any court in the land. Of course, only criminals need worry about having their personal info shared, but this still causes a great deal of concern to those who protect our privacy.

Shel Israel Doesn’t Like CEO Bloggers

I’ve just received my copy of Naked Conversations, but I am now thinking of simply returning it for a refund.

Shel Israel, co-author, just announced that maybe CEOs shouldn’t be let near a blog. He claims they simply don’t have what it takes, are not nearly as passionate about a company’s products and besides, they should be out playing golf.

What a load of junk! CEOs are exactly the type of person I want to hear from via a blog. While product managers are passionate about their product, they’re often blinkered to the task at hand. They are only able to see the world thru the lense of their own departmental focus. CEOs on the other hand, are able to see the bigger picture, understand the industry and share thoughts at a higher level.

Track Your Blog Influence

Many bloggers will enjoy figuring out their influence (mine is 12664) in the blogosphere using the nifty Blog Influence.

Meanwhile, it’s also a great tool for tracking your reputation. Did a blogger just post a negative post about your company? Now you can easily check their audience reach. Add to your toolbox immediately! :-)

Via Rand.