Google and DOJ Face Off

The Mercury News has everything you need to keep updated on the Bush administration’s attempts to get Google to reveal its data.

Sell Your Book Via Google

Danny has details of a new initiative from Google that will allow publishers (and authors) to sell online versions of their books through Google Book Search.

Publishers set a price, then consumers can buy and read the book online. At the moment, the program supposedly will not allow copies of the book to be saved to a computer or pages to be printed (“copy pages”) to be made.

Danny notes Google’s attempts to ward off complaints that Google is scanning books via the Google Library program and selling them. As Google states…


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Google Talk Released For BlackBerry

Great, just months after I switched from a Blackberry to a Treo (hoping to have access to a wider range of apps), Google goes and announces Google Talk for Blackberry.

Anyone know if there is a version for the Treo 650?

Via Nathan.

How Do We Define “Bloggers”?

After reading Steve Rubel’s commentary on a new study that suggests less than 5% of bloggers act like real journalists, I asked myself “who’s actually defining bloggers?”

Rubel’s comments include…

What I glean from this study is that the majority of bloggers generally amplify news through pointers and commentary to information others might not see. They’re not conducting real thorough reporting.

It’s clear that the term “blogger” has two distinct meanings.

a) Blogger = a news ‘journalist’ that uses an informal reporting style and offers personal commentary.
b) Blogger = anyone that publishes thoughts and commentary to a web site, on a regular basis, using a tool such as Blogger or Typepad.

Marketing Pilgrim Wins a blOSCAR

At Marketing Pilgrim, we’re not shy in accepting any award we can get – we’ll even give up the PR with a link back to the awarding site (we’re that easy). ;-)

Our thanks to for awarding us their “Post of the Week” for our Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide.

Here’s what they had to say…

“This is Andy Beal’s post on ways to monitor your online reputation. While this is not about recruiting, this post is a great primer on ways to monitor the blogosphere regarding your online employer reputation. We selected this piece because it was informative, educational, easy to digest and something that would provide great utility to a wide audience of bloggers. So on behalf of may we be the first in congratulating Andy and awarding the first of our Starbucks gold.”

Goodbye Jeeves, Hello Watson

I’d never heard of Watson, but the search tool is using Ask’s retirement of Jeeves in a clever viral marketing effort.

At the A Job For Jeeves site, they suggest that Jeeves is now looking for a job, after beeing forced into retirement. They ask whether they should hire the butler…

He’s got the right M.O. – after all, butlers, just like online search tools, should be proactive, not reactive. You don’t need to ask a good butler a question to get or find something; he should already know what you need and always have the info at-hand, just like Watson proactively brings computer users relevant information.

It’s a cute way to bring attention to Watson, so I’ll bite and go ahead and give them a plug. What does Watson do?

Google Acquires Writely

News that Google has acquired Upstartle, which makes Writely, a collaborative word processor that runs in a web browser.