Google Trying to Index JavaScript?

Barry has details of what looks like an initiative by Google to index JavaScript. Is the Googlebot trying to find the hidden web?

How the Other Half Search

MarketingVOX has details of a new report from the Luxury Institute which outlines how the rich use the web.

On average, wealthy Americans use the internet seven days a week for an average of 3.2 hours per day…51 percent of wealthy consumers tell the Luxury Institute that they use the web to research products and services, and 43 percent say they “occasionally” or “frequently” buy products and services online.

Search and banner-ads appear to be the best way to attract them.

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Six Apart Receives Funding to Grow New Blogging Tools

According to Reuters, Six Apart has secured $12 million in a new round of funding. The company hopes to use the funds to launch new services including one code-named Comet.

The service aims to extend the blog and social networking craze among young people to an older, more mainstream crowd looking to create private, text and photo sharing sites for their families and friends, Berkowitz said.

The company also hinted it would look to offer a business blogging solution to allow collaboration in companies.

The Economist Covers SEO

Pick up this week’s copy of the The Economist and you’ll find an article on search engine optimization.

Via Lee, who’s quoted in the piece.

Ex-Jupiter Analyst Gary Stein on the Move Again

Back in January, we reported that JupiterMedia analyst Gary Stein had quit and joined BuzzMetrics. Today we learn that Gary is now working for Ammo Marketing.

So Gary, spill the beans, what happened?

UPDATE: Gary’s talking about the move.

Web Analytics is Dead – Discuss

I made some new friends while at the recent Frost & Sullivan seminar; Jeremiah (Hitachi), Brett (Google) and Avinash (Intuit).

Jeremiah keeps tempting me to fly out to the west coast for lunch or dinner and turns-up the heat by blogging his recent lunch with the aforementioned.

Ok, so you’re not exactly interested in my future lunch plans, but you should be very interested in Avinash’s recent podcast on why “Web Analytics is Dead”. Avinash Kaushik is one of the most dynamic people I’ve met and very passionate about how companies should use web analytics.

So, how do you see web analytics evolving?

Google Desktop Leaves Beta, Adds Quick Search

Google has announced the graduation of Google Desktop from “beta”. With the change comes a new feature called “Quick Search“.

As Tomas Gunnarsson, Google Desktop Software Engineer, describes it…

Three months ago, I came up with an idea that makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for: a search box in the middle of the desktop. It’s very accessible — all you have to do is press your Ctrl key twice.