Google Merges Gmail with Talk

Cnet reports that Google is merging its Google Talk with Gmail to form Gmail Chat.

The application’s Quick Contacts list is synchronized with a user’s Google Talk friends list and automatically displays the people a user communicates with most frequently and shows their online status. Clicking on a contact listed as being online opens a chat window in the browsers.

The application lets users save their chat history for easy searching later and click an “off the record” option so that no conversation with that person going forward is saved by either party until they choose to go back on the record.

That’s great, but when will I get an option that allows me to view my Gmail the same way every other email client does? Until then, I’ll only ever see Gmail through Outlook.

Skype and Google Invest in National WiFi Network

SiliconBeat reports that Google and Skype are among investors of FON a start-up that hopes to make WiFi more readily available across the country.

FON will enable its users to synchronize their home WiFi hotspots so that, if they have paid for a broadband connection at home, they will enjoy instant access to all the other hotspots on the FON network.

Not a bad move for Google and Skype as FON will likely encourage the use of Google’s search products and Skype’s phone service.

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Amazon Planning Google Adsense Rival?

Chris Beasley reports Amazon is planning a contextual ad network that sounds very similar to Google’s Adsense.

On the phone last night it was explained to me that this is more or less an Adsense clone, meaning third party sponsored links, not Amazon links. It is known that Amazon currently get’s sponsored links for their own sites from Google, but apparently they wish to take out the middleman and break out on their own.

Looks like they’re having trouble convincing publishers to drop their Adsense ads and switch to Amazon.

Via BusinessWeek.

Google’s Internet Network

The Google “dark fiber” rumor has been quiet for a few months, so the perfect time for the UK’s Times to resurrect it.

By purchasing the dark fibre, Google would in effect be able to acquire a ready made internet network that they could control.

Late last year, Google purchased a 270,000sq ft telecom interconnection facilities in New York. It is believed that from here, Google plans to link up and power the dark fibre system and turn it into a working internet network of its own

SEO Budgets for Small Business

Mike Grehan’s recent column follows-up on his request for readers’ thoughts on budgeting SEO for small businesses. It seems like he received a lot of different responses, including mine.

Google Bans German BMW Site

Anyone know the Germam translation for “up the creek without a paddle”, cos that is exactly where finds itself after being caught using SEO spam byMatt Cutts.

Thanks to Anthony!

UPDATE: Google allows back in the index.

ValleyWag Spills Google Beans

Gawker recently launched ValleyWag, a gossip blog for the Silicon Valley area. One of their first stories? They went where other journalists and bloggers feared to tread – lest they have their PageRank removed in the middle of the night.