English Soccer Player Wants Data From Google

English soccer player, Ashely Cole, is a little upset that when Google users searched for his name they were given the alternative “See results for: Ashley Cole gay”.

Obviously, Google’s just showing the most commonly searched phrase, they’re not actually suggesting anything. Still, Cole’s lawyer wants an explanation…

“…he is waiting for Google to respond to a request for “data” behind the searches.”

Hah! Let me know how that works out for you. The DOJ will be happy to share their experience on the subject.

Paid Search Industry Continues Maturing

According to a new report from eMarketer, paid search spend will slow to a paltry 26.2% growth this year. ;-)

If this is the “doom and gloom”, I’ll take it! What other industry can claim that despite slowing down, growth will still be double digits come 2010?

With thanks to MarktingVOX.

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Google Agreeing to Pay $90 Million in Click Fraud Suit?

Danny Sullivan claims to have details of a $90 million settlement between Google and a click fraud class law suit.

That’s a big chunk of change and an amount that will surely encourage other companies to make a claim.

UPDATE: Nicole Wong, Associate General Counsel for Google has revealed more details of the settlement.

Under the agreement with the plaintiffs, we are going to open up that window for all advertisers, regardless of when the questionable clicks occurred. For all eligible invalid clicks, we will offer credits which can be used to purchase new advertising with Google. We do not know how many will apply and receive credits, but under the agreement, the total amount of credits, plus attorneys fees, will not exceed $90 million.

Google Calendar a Reality

It looks like Michael Arrington has real screenshots and info on the new Google calendar, named CL2.

From the About page…

CL2 makes it easy — even effortless — to keep track of all the events in your life and compare them to what your friends and family have going on in theirs. We’ve designed a calendar that works for you — helping you add events from email, friends, and other public calendars — so you don’t have to spend all your time maintaining your schedule. CL2 even helps you discover new events you might be interested in.

Head over to TechCrunch for lots of screenshots.

UPDATE: Valleywag alleges a Yahoo employee is responsible for leaking the details of the Google calendar project.

Online Advertising Used by 80 Percent of Advertisers

The Center for Media Reseach looks at a new study from Outsell.

Key findings include:

* Online is now used by 80% of advertisers, a massive adoption rate not broadly acknowledged. We expect more than 90% adoption by 2008.
* Google is rated more effective than Yahoo! & MSN in keyword ads; and than Yahoo! in contextual ads.
* Total online marketing spending will grow 19% in 2006, 8 times TV/Radio and 6 times print.
* Keyword ads are rated much more effective than contextual placement; we expect contextual / behavioral / search combo to rise.
* Blog and wireless marketing spending are still slivers at less than 2% of online budget and are poised to grow 43% and 19%, respectively.

Hat-tip Frank.

Google; the Business Reviver

How do you revive a flagging business? Ship a new product with Google pre-installed. All of a sudden, you’re cool, trendy and back on track. ;-)

Backward News via Google News Israel

Google has launched Google News Israel, featuring articles from Hebrew-language newspapers.

It’s worth checking out just to read a site from right to left.