Looking to Hire a Search Engine Marketing Specialist

We’re still looking for talented individuals to join Fortune Interactive. We’re especially looking for an SEO Specialist with experience in the following:

Developing and Executing World-Class SEO Strategies
High-Quality Standards for Work
Keyword Research
Meta Tag Development
Executing Linking Campaigns
Evaluating Website Copy for SEO Effectiveness
Troubleshooting Common SEO Website Pitfalls and Impediments
Assist Campaign Coordinator with Campaign Management and Support

More details at our Monster ad or drop me an email.

Major Security Flaw With Google Sitemaps Stats

Danny Sullivan takes a look at a serious security flaw with Google Sitemaps.

…surprising security oversight with Google’s new Sitemaps stats system that can allow anyone access to stats of other web sites, if those web sites don’t report 404/File Not Found errors correctly. Right now, I’m looking at stats for eBay and AOL, as well as Google’s own Orkut!

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French Government Using Google AdWords for Propaganda

MarketingVox points to an interesting story about the French government’s use of Google Adwords.

As riots flare in Paris suburbs and elsewhere, France’s ruling party has been running a marketing campaign using Google AdWords sponsored links, writes CNET. Searches for “violence,” “riots,” “suburbs,” “burned cars” or “scum” point to a petition in support of French Interior Minister and party president Nicolas Sarkozy’s “zero tolerance policy” in response to the fiery confrontations between Muslim youths, mostly of North African extraction, and the French police.

Best of the Web Blog Directory

Looking for a directory of blogs? Best of the Web Blogs offers a directory view of different blog categories.

One suggestion for them. How about an RSS feed for each category so I can see when a new resource has been added?

Former Alta Vista Scientist Andrei Broder Joins Yahoo

After talking with Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, former Alta Vista chief scientist, Andrei Broder, has decided to throw his hat in the ring with Yahoo.

He acknowledged talking with Google and Microsoft before accepting the Yahoo! position, but that he liked Yahoo’s ability to utilize both content and user information in improving search.

“I knew that whatever I would do would disappoint two-thirds of my friends,” Broder says.

Broder pioneered Alta Vista’s search efforts between 1999 and 2002 before joining IBM.

Hat-tip threadwatch.

Google Print Renamed Google Book Search

For those of you who thought “Google Print” was some kind of Kinko’s rival, Google has cleared up any confusion by renaming the service “Google Book Search”.

Google Stock Price Breaks $400

The Washington Post’s David Vise reports on Google’s stock topping the $400 mark.

David also has a new book out that looks at the rise of Google.