Inside Google Japan

Loren Baker visits the offices of Google Japan and posts lots of nice photos.

Google Wallet to End Click Fraud?

Valleywag proves that they’re not just interested in who has the hottest body in the Valley. They’re claiming they’ve confirmed some details about the rumored Google Wallet.

Basically, when a customer clicks on a Google ad, Google could handle any payments they make at the advertiser’s site. Google takes a cut of the purchase instead of money for the first click-through. Bang, no more click fraud.

Marketers have been pushing Google for a pay-per-performance model for years.

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Best Practices for Blogging

Shimon Sandler has launched a new blog and is creating a list of best practices for blogging.

If you have a tip for Shimon – or need help yourself – head to his blog.

Google Page Creator Offers Easy Spam Creation

Google has launched Google Page Creator a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish web pages in just a few minutes.

The service allows those without web design experience to create simple web pages that are hosted by Google at

Maybe useful if you want to just upload your resume or an invite to a party, but hardly worth it if you’re looking for much else.

Want to update frequently? You’ll need a blog.
Want to have a chance of ranking in the search engines? You’ll need greater control and your own domain.
Want to sell products? You’ll need ecommerce.
Want to interact with your friends? Go to

XM Brings Push-Button Buying to Radio

Wow…one of my predications is about to become a reality. Remember back on Jan 18th, I commented on the Google acquisition of a radio ad network…

Could we see Google buying a stake in XM or Sirius? Could you soon be driving in your car, hear an ad you like, push a “favorites” button which automatically saves the ad information to the MP3 player docked in your car’s radio? When you get home and dock your MP3 player with your computer, voila, the website for the ad you heard is now loading into your web browser.

Ok, so Google didn’t just announce an acquisition of XM, but look what XM just announced

Ex-iCrossing Exec David Berkowitz Joins Search Marketing Agency 360i

David Berkowitz left iCrossing not too long ago and has now joined up with 360i.

Best of luck David!

Google Names Head of Philanthropy

According to the WSJ, Google has named 61 year old Larry Brilliant to head-up their philanthropic group.

The Web search company has pledged 1% of its annual profit and 1% of its stock, currently valued at around $1 billion, to Dr. Brilliant’s current activities include serving as a director of the Seva Foundation in Berkeley, Calif., which he founded in 1979 to combat blindness in the developing world.

Interesting reason why Dr. Brilliant became interested in the post…

Dr. Brilliant said Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil,” is what brought him to the company. “It’s very hard to find another company that starts out on a conscious path to do good and not do evil,” he said.

LOL. Of course, every other company starts out on the path of evil. ;-)