Ex-iCrossing Exec David Berkowitz Joins Search Marketing Agency 360i

David Berkowitz left iCrossing not too long ago and has now joined up with 360i.

Best of luck David!

Google Names Head of Philanthropy

According to the WSJ, Google has named 61 year old Larry Brilliant to head-up their Google.org philanthropic group.

The Web search company has pledged 1% of its annual profit and 1% of its stock, currently valued at around $1 billion, to Google.org. Dr. Brilliant’s current activities include serving as a director of the Seva Foundation in Berkeley, Calif., which he founded in 1979 to combat blindness in the developing world.

Interesting reason why Dr. Brilliant became interested in the post…

Dr. Brilliant said Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil,” is what brought him to the company. “It’s very hard to find another company that starts out on a conscious path to do good and not do evil,” he said.

LOL. Of course, every other company starts out on the path of evil. ;-)

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Last Chance for Google Porn?

According to CNet, a federal judge has ruled that Google’s image search feature likely violate U.S. copyright law because it displays small thumbnail versions of the images.

It looks like Google is in hot water because of two particular features.

First, the search company apparently receives AdSense advertising revenue from some of the photo-pirating sites, and second, Google’s image search has an option for mobile phones.

That latter feature means that you can get the same content, that Perfect 10 (the claimant) sells as monthly subscription to mobile users, for free.

Google did win one key point…

[U.S. District Judge A. Howard] Matz said that the “framing” feature of the company’s image search, which displays a thumbnail of the image above a rendering of the original page, did not directly infringe Perfect 10’s copyright.

Yahoo Updates My Web 2.0

The MyWeb Development Team fills us in on some recent updates to My Web 2.0.

There’s a new homepage and additional features include…

Tag Search
You can now search everybody’s tags. Sharing with the world only comes to life when you can browse all the amazing stuff that people are finding, like tags Linux and Mac. Expect more from us on this front, as this was a big feature request over on the MyWeb message boards. You can read more about it on the My Web blog.

My Web to go, for all you bloggers out there
We created a badge to insert your most recently saved pages on your blogs, and you asked for a button. Now you have that, too.

Google Explains Desktop for Enterprise

If you’re worried about deploying Google desktop across your network, the Google Enterprise team (insert your own Start Trek gag here) suggests you utilize Google Desktop 3 for Enterprise instead.

Forty Percent Internet Users Just Surfing

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released data last week that shows 40% of Americans go online with no specific purpose.

Count me among that 40%. After sitting in front of a computer all day, you’d think I would be ready to relax. But if you ask my wife, she’ll tell you that I could win a gold medal in “aimless surfing”. ;-)

Ask Jeeves Butler Offers One Last Hidden Gag

Are you a fan of easter eggs? Not the chocolate kind, but the kind hidden away in web sites or software.

Ask Jeeves has always held the crown as the “coolest kid on the block” with their many hidden jokes over the years. Surely you didn’t think Ask’s butler, Jeeves, would enter retirement without one last gag.

Playing around with the Jeeves retirement site, you’ll discover one of the many retirement options for Jeeves is “Daredevil Jeeves”. Funny enough, but something about the cartoon looked very familiar.

Is it just me, or does Jeeves look uncannily like Happy Days’ Fonzie? And what in the world is Jeeves jumping over? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as a gesture that Jeeves’ cartoon escapades are coming to an end, we find the English butler “Jumping the Shark“.