Fortune Interactive Adding Clients (Promo)

If you’re interested, we just added a sample list of search marketing clients to Fortune Interactive.

Google Upgrades Toolbar

Google just announced an upgrade to its search toolbar.

The new beta versions of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer are open and customizable, with new features that enable users to customize their search experience and share information with friends.

The new versions of Google Toolbar now offer customizable buttons, online bookmarks, enhanced search features, new sharing capabilities, and an open API. Google Toolbar for Enterprise beta also includes administration and control for business environments.

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MSN Advertising Up

ClickZ reports on Microsoft’s recent earnings. Looks like they’re seeing modest growth from their MSN advertising unit.

Advertising revenues grew 12 percent year-over-year at MSN in Microsoft’s fiscal second quarter amid ongoing investments in the area the company said would continue.

Google’s Brett Crosby Talks Analytics

After Brett Crosby of Google Analytics teased me from the audience about the “tricks� search marketers use to optimize web sites, during my session, I was looking forward to heckling him during his session on web analytics. Alas, Brett’s role was mostly as moderator and the opportunity to return the favor, was limited.

That being said, Brett did a great job of keeping the conversation flowing and threw in his own thoughts along the way. I’ve listed below some of the interesting soundbites from the panel.

Katherine Craig (Starwood Hotels) – they tag everything. Need to understand which marketing vehicles were most effective. They tag banners, search, emails. They can then measure cost of each medium.

I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Talk Digger

Jeremiah Owyang shared a neat tool with the Frost conference attendees, Talk Digger.

It allows you to track who’s discussing your blog on a whole host of sites including Technorati, Bloglines, Digg and Google.

Jeremiah is also keeping “rough” notes of the sessions at Frost.

On the road

You may have noticed that posting has been light today. I’m at Frost’s internet marketing symposium in Phoenix.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for coverage of Brett Crosby’s – Google Analytics – presentation notes. I’ve been chatting to him today and I’m sure his presentation will be interesting.

Brett Crosby – Google Analytics

Yahoo Buying Digg?

That’s the question Om Malik asks.