Note to Google…

…just letting you know that I still love ya! Honestly! I use Gmail, maps, mobile, the toolbar and 80%+ of my searches are on the Google network.

We’ve posted a lot of stories recently that might make you think we stopped loving – it’s not true, we’re just reporting what we read. ;-)

There. I feel better now.

Fortune Magazine Offers Google, Yahoo & Amazon 2006 Predictions

David Kirkpatrick offers his predictions for 2006.

Bottom line? Google will stumble, Yahoo will capitilize on community-powered search and Amazon will have a break-out year.

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Forum Discssion on Google’s “Sandbox”

I don’t often point to (or even have the time to participate in) forum threads, but Barry caught my attention with a post on a Google “sandbox” thread going on at SEW forums.

Everyone is weighing in on whether a sandbox exists on or not. My thoughts? You’ll just have to head over to the forum. ;-)

Maybe The Guardian Should Stick to Newspaper Publishing

I’ll make a deal with the Guardian newspaper of England. I’ll never write an article about publishing a newspaper, if they promise never to write another SEO article as crappy as this one.

Wink Offers Search Engine for Tags

SiliconBeat points to Wink, a new search engine that allows you to search for “tagged” content.

Wink lets you…

develop your favorite sites from within Wink and outside of it. Within Wink, you mark favorite pages by clicking on a star beside a search result, and then adding a subject “tag” of your choice.

Or, if you are a user, you can sync your bookmarks into Wink, which will also help guide your searches. Likewise, you can choose to make sure any favorites you mark at Wink are stored to your bookmarks.

John Battelle’s Blog Suffers Hiccups

Someone must have really taken offense to Battelle’s 2006 predictions. :-)

As of this morning, his popular blog had been replace by some crazy-looking Asian site.

Search Marketing In the New Google, AOL Era

Pamela Parker of ClickZ interviewed a number of search marketers to gage they’re thoughts on how the new Google, AOL deal will impact the landscape.

So what was lost by Microsoft not winning the deal?

“Microsoft not winning this is a huge setback for the uptake of [ad management platform] adCenter,” said Andy Beal, president and CEO of Fortune Interactive. “So while they’ll still move forward with their plans, and I’m sure they have other avenues to explore for expanding their PPC product and distribution…Winning this would have been a double whammy.”

Microsoft could have kick-started it’s attempt to challenge Google and Yahoo…

MSN’s loss was particularly hard felt in a community that would welcome a strong alternative to Google and Yahoo!, which currently dominate search.