AOL Launches Mobile Search

AOL just announced a whole new line of AOL Mobile Search Services.

AOL® Mobile Search Services improve today’s mobile lifestyle by ‘right-sizing’ the Internet for small mobile screens. The new services use transcoding and content analysis technologies from InfoGin Ltd. to automatically adapt search results and Web pages for browser-enabled mobile phones. AOL Mobile Search Services extend the ease and familiarity of desktop search to wireless devices to bring the Web to mobile users’ finger tips.

“We are committed to providing people everywhere with easy access to the Web’s full range of information services wherever they may go� said Jim Riesenbach, senior vice president, AOL Search. “AOL Mobile Search services give consumers the power to search or shop for anything they need via Web-enabled cell phone, Smartphone or PDA.�

Google Sees More Advertising Budgets Heading Online

eWeek has soundbites from Tim Armstrong, Google’s advertising sales vice president, on the growth of online advertising.

“There is robust interest in online advertising and that interest is now turning into real dollars,” Armstrong said, noting that market analysts are predicting a banner 2005 year with forecasts ranging from $10 billion to $15 billion.

“The experimenting and testing phase begun in the 1990s has ended. Corporate ad buyers are investing now,” he said.

Indeed many are seeing a growth in the percentage of ad-spending heading to the Internet.

While estimates vary, analysts believe around 5 percent of U.S. advertising dollars will be spent online this year, up from around 2 percent just a couple of year ago. In short order, 10 percent or more could move online, analysts say.

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Google Talk’s Latest Fan

After using AIM, Trillian, MSN Messenger, ICQ and a whole host of other instant messenger tools, I can tell you that switching to Google Talk was the best move yet. For those of you who want to keep up to date with the latest development news can head over to the new Google Talk blog.

Yahoo Searches for the Future of Search

Fortune looks at Yahoo, Flickr, MyWeb and how they all point to the future for Yahoo.

Google Maps on the Rise

Over at BusinessWeek, Ben Elgin drools over Google Maps and reviews the many features it offers.

U.S. Border Guards Google Canadian Blogger and Refuse Entry

This is interesting. According to eWeek, a Canadian blogger was recently refused re-entry to the US after border guards entered his name on Google, found his blog and then determined that he was trying to live in the country illegally.

In case any US border guard ever questions me; for the record I am now a US citizen so no deporting me to England. :-)

Online Reputation Monitoring Service from Marketing Pilgrim

Every day, a blogger or forum member is discussing something important to your business – your company’s brand, your key executives, your competitors or your industry. Are they hyping your company, building positive buzz for your products? Or, are they criticizing your services, complaining to others about the poor quality of your new product launch?

Keeping your eyes and ears on the world of consumer generated media (CGM) can be a daunting task for any company. Blogs, forums, wikis and social networks gain popularity every day and without a plan to monitor and manage your company’s online reputation, you could be at risk.