Yahoo Offers Movable Type for Bloggers

eWeek has details of a new partnership between Yahoo Web Hosting and Movable Type.

Yahoo will effectively act as the preferred provider of Movable Type for small business users…

…provides customers with a unique Web address, blogging tools and business-class e-mail services with spam and virus protections for less than $12 a month.

From the release:

“Blogging is quickly moving into the mainstream as companies grow their businesses by using blogs for marketing purposes, for internal workgroups and even for content management,� said Anil Dash, Six Apart’s vice president of professional products. “By partnering with Yahoo! and customizing Movable Type specifically for their environment, we have created the best Movable Type experience on the web. Professionals now have an easy way to install, customize and expand their Movable Type weblogs, all hosted and managed by the recognized leader in website and blog hosting.�

Newsweek Does SEO

Brad Stone of Newsweek takes a look at the SEO industry and in particular “white hat” and “black hat” practitioners.

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Google Only for the Rich and Net Savvy

Do you use Google as your main search engine? Answer “yes” and you can count yourself among the wealthy and net savvy. According to InfoWorld, a survey conducted by S.G. Cowen & Co. LLC revealed Google users are more likely to have a household income greater than $60,000 and have spent more time using the internet.

Via addict3d.

Yahoo Acquires

While I was spending the time and effort to allow Marketing Pilgrim readers the ability to add each post to both Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 and, the two companies were in secret acquisition talks.

As Jeremy Zawodny announces, Yahoo has acquired the social bookmarking/tagging service.

…the team will soon be working in close proximity to their fraternal twin, Flickr. And just like we’ve done with Flickr, we plan to give the resources, support, and room it needs to continue growing the service and community. Finally, don’t be surprised if you see My Web and borrow a few ideas from each other in the future. creator Joshua Schachter explains all at his blog.

For now, it appears there are no plans to integrate the with either My Web or Flickr.

Would Advertisers Welcome AOL’s Move From Google to Microsoft?

Dow Jones’ Mark Boslet writes about the benefits to advertisers should AOL switch alliances from Google to MSN.

Microsoft is jousting with Google Inc. to win an advertising partnership with AOL that could reshape the online search advertising business. If Microsoft and AOL were to join forces, their reach among Internet users would surpass both Google’s and Yahoo Inc.’s.

Would an AOL/Microsoft deal be a good thing for advertisers? I think so…

An AOL deal would be a significant endorsement of Microsoft’s fledgling search engine and advertising efforts, says Andy Beal, chief executive of Fortune Interactive, a search marketing company.

“A good level of competition could come out of this and would be good for advertisers and agencies,” Beal said. “There is a need for another strong player to enter this market.”

Google Adds Blog Ticker to Gmail

Nathan Weinberg has details of a handy little RSS ticker now available in Gmail.

So, what are Web Clips? Basically, its a simple RSS ticker, showing headlines from RSS feeds above your Gmail inbox (or Spam folder, as it were). Clicking a “Customize� button on the right of the Web Clip bar lets you change options for it, or turn it off if it annoys you.

Click Defense Withdraws as Lead Plaintiff in Google Click Fraud Case

Cnet reports that Click Defense is pulling out as the lead plaintiff in a lawsuite filed against Google with AIT picking up the lead.