On the road

You may have noticed that posting has been light today. I’m at Frost’s internet marketing symposium in Phoenix.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for coverage of Brett Crosby’s – Google Analytics – presentation notes. I’ve been chatting to him today and I’m sure his presentation will be interesting.

Brett Crosby – Google Analytics

Yahoo Buying Digg?

That’s the question Om Malik asks.

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Fall Out from Google China

It seems Google is facing some criticism for their relationship with the Chinese government.

MSNBC asks “Does Google’s decision to comply with Chinese government limits on free expression change how you view the company?” with 52% saying “Yes. So much for “Don’t Be Evil.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin is collecting Google logo’s that protest the relationship with China.

My favorite…

Google Forcing Desktop Download?


This must be a glitch at Google. Search for anything with Google and it will not let you navigate beyond the first page of results. The only option is to download Google Desktop. Seems to only effect Internet Explorer.

Anyone else seeing this?

Click to enlarge

Here’s the problem. Google has a transparent DIV tag that is interfering with the layer behind it. The problem doesn’t effect Mozilla. This screenshot shows the problem.

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Spotted by Jai!

UPDATE: The glitch has been fixed.

Fortune Interactive Enters the SEMasphere

Andy Beal is no longer associated with Fortune Interactive. View Andy’s consulting services.

What do you get when you combine a cool virtual reality interface with more than 100,000 data points collected from SEMLogic? You get SEMasphere, of course.

I’ve never seen anything like this before – and I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff before. Maybe I’m biased (ok, I know I am biased) but you’ve not seen your competitive landscape until you’ve explored it in a 3D environment.

Fortune Interactive press release.

The Four Futures of Google

Just finished reading the latest Business 2.0 magazine. It includes a look at four potential scenarios for the future of Google – including one where they develop a supercomputer that becomes sentient and takes over our minds via embedded brain micro-chips.

Two days later StrongBot informed They-Who-Were-Google that it had postponed work on its designated tasks. When asked why, StrongBot explained that it had discovered the possibility of its own nonexistence and must deal with the threat logically. The best way to do so, it decided, was to download copies of itself onto smart chips around the planet. StrongBot was reminded that it had been programmed to do no evil, per the company motto, but argued that since it was smarter than humanity, taking personal control of human evolution would actually be for the greater good.

Lunch with Tony Spencer

I finally caught-up with fellow SEM and Raleigh resident, Tony Spencer, and we discussed the search industry and Fortune Interactive over lunch.

Nice guy, very smart and totally not interested in working for an SEM company…which is a shame. ;-)

BTW…you know how they say “a camera adds ten pounds”…Tony had five cameras pointing at me. ;-)