Google “Do No Evil” Except in China

Google is launching new versions of its search and news sites for China. The new versions will be heavily censored in line with Chinese laws and regulations.

“ will comply with local Chinese laws and regulations,” he said in a statement. “In deciding how best to approach the Chinese–or any–market, we must balance our commitments to satisfy the interest of users, expand access to information, and respond to local conditions.”

Reporters Without Borders is not happy with the move…

“By offering a version without ‘subversive’ content, Google is making it easier for Chinese officials to filter the Internet themselves. A Web site not listed by search engines has little chance of being found by users,” the group said in a statement. “The new Google version means that even if a human rights publication is not blocked by local firewalls, it has no chance of being read in China.” Wins Advertising Infringement Suit

This is something all marketers should be aware of. just won $200,000 from NexTag the comparison shopping search engine. filed suit against NexTag in December 2004 for copyright infringement, false designation of origin and unfair competition, claiming that NexTag copied multiple advertisements in order to drive traffic and create interest in NexTag’s services.

Interesting that they took the “copyright” infringement route. You might want to think twice the next time you consider plagiarizing your competitor’s ad. ;-)

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Yahoo Not Out of the Search Race

So was Susan Decker’s quote taken out of context? Or are we simply seeing Yahoo reacting to the negative publicity that came from the “It’s not our goal to be #1″ statement. Whatever the motivation, Yahoo has published a statement on their blog which clearly puts them back in the race.

Maybe it was just a plan to get some media attention. ;-)

Tagging the Next Big Thing in Search

If you have a WSJ subscription, check out their article on how tagging is changing the web.

Yahoo Publisher Network Set to Expand

Loren has all the details of Yahoo’s planned expansion of the Yahoo Publisher Network.

Google Partners on Analytics

We already knew that Google had partnered with a number of analytics consultants for those users looking for advice and assistance.

The idea was for Google to deal directly with large enterprise clients and outsource the rest. Well, according to DM News, Google is also going to outsource that enterprise-level relationship too.

Google said today that it would work with interactive agency and Web analytics firm ZAAZ, Seattle, to serve enterprise customers using Google Analytics. ZAAZ will provide services beyond what Google Analytics otherwise offers, for a fee.

Don’t Feel Sorry for Google’s Page & Brin

If you saw Google’s recent filing – where they confirm Page, Brin and Schmidt’s 2006 salary as just $1 – you may have been tempted to feel sorry for them.

We wanted to help you get over that feeling…

Since the search giant went public in August 2004, Brin has sold about 6.5 million shares at a market value of $1.68 billion. Page has sold about 5.8 million shares at a market value of $1.4 billion, according to calculations from Thomson Financial. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, who was brought in to run the company before it went public, has sold more than 2.1 million shares, worth more than $502 million.

Via CNet.