More Praise for SEMLogic

Word is starting to spread about SEMLogic. After Rand’s very kind comments, Todd “Stuntdubl” Malicoat offers up his unsolicited praise.

It’s a brilliant piece of technology…very nice work that I’m sure would be very useful data to near any site. …this in and of itself doesn’t really do the tool justice, and information can be gathered for both on page AND off page optimization. If you could benefit from this software (and aren’t just a filthy tire kicker like me) be sure to give these guys a jingle.

Many thanks Todd!

Track Your Google Searches

The Google blog informs us that you can now use Personalized Search to track your own search trends.

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Google and AOL Make it Official

The news is out and just about everything speculated is true. From the press release

Under the strategic alliance, Google and AOL will continue providing search technology to AOL’s network of Internet properties worldwide. The agreement’s broad range of new features for users and advertisers

– Creating an AOL Marketplace through white labeling of Google’s advertising technology – enabling AOL to sell search advertising directly to advertisers on AOL-owned properties;
– Expanding display advertising throughout the Google network;
– Making AOL content more accessible to Google Web crawlers;
– Collaborating in video search and showcasing AOL’s premium video service within Google Video;
– Enabling Google Talk and AIM instant messaging users to communicate with each other, provided certain conditions are met; and
– Providing AOL marketing credits for its Internet properties.

Google’s AOL Investment a Likely New Strategy for Partnerships

Take a look at BusinessWeek’s fascinating summary of the events that led up to the Google/AOL deal.

It’s interesting to note that while billionaire Time Warner investor Carl Icahn is calling the Google deal a bad thing for those looking to see AOL broken-up and sold, he was the one pushing for the deal instead of one with Microsoft.

Microsoft and Time Warner had been discussing a joint venture that would have tethered the companies’ fortunes more deeply. Had that deal gone through, it would have been harder to peel AOL away from its parent. Icahn was pushing Time Warner in the direction of Google, according to a person close to the discussions. By the morning of Dec. 16, Time Warner execs notified their Microsoft counterparts that they were entering exclusive talks with Google.

What Did you Google in 2005?

Google has just revealed their 2005 year-end Google Zeitgeist (def).

Looks like Wikipedia is in for a strong 2006. With this much interest, can it remain a non-profit or will Google come courting?

Lexar USB Drives to Add Google Products

Lexar Media and Google have reached a deal which will see Google’s search tools pre-installed on Lexar’s USB JumpDrives.

“While these popular applications have traditionally been available on the Web directly from Google and other Web affiliates, offering them on a Lexar JumpDrive provides a new channel to reach customers,” said Steffen Hellmold, vice president of USB flash drives at Lexar.

Customers who use a JumpDrive would plug the device into a USB port on their computer, where they can choose to automatically install Google products. Lexar said it expects the offering to make it easier for users to search documents, photos, music and other data stored on their JumpDrive.

Let’s hope that “choose to automatically install Google products” is clearly labelled. Do you know how many times Adobe has tried to install Yahoo’s toolbar each time I update? Sheesh.

Technorati Adds New Features

Dave Sifry is determined to make Technorati the most used blog search engine on the planet. With the launch of some great new features, it’s hard not to be popular.

New trend charts and improved extracts are just some of the new features Dave discusses on the Technorati blog.