Google Desktop Security Flaw Blamed on Microsoft Internet Explorer

Take a look at’s report on Google having to fix its Desktop search tool in order to prevent hackers from getting in.

“Google has modified its Google Desktop search tool to prevent users’ PCs from being attacked by hackers using a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.”

I would have thought this would be a flaw with Google Desktop not IE. IE existed before GDS, so why should the blame be placed on Microsoft? I know the Redmond company seems to get all of the flack for security flaws, but this hardly seems fair.

Google Calendar Not Happening

At least, not just yet, according to Michael Bazeley of SiliconBeat who…

…popped into the When 2.0 Conference today, where Google was rumored to be unveiling Google Calendar. Twas not to be. In fact, a Google rep got up to ask one of the panels a question and specifically said he was not there to make product announcements.

So are they unfounded rumors, or is it a case of just waiting a few more days before we get an announcement?

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Google Makes List of Companies with Best Reputation

According to Money, Google enters Johnson & Johnson’s Corporate Reputation survey at #3.

Google which has only been around for the last seven years, made the list for the first time this year at No. 3 behind established blue chips Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola Co., according to the Reputation Quotient study, which was developed jointly by Harris and the Reputation Institute in New York.

It will be interesting to see how Google fairs next time around. There seems to be a small contigent of folks who are starting to turn on Google. Can they maintain such a strong brand reputation 12 months from now?

Hat-tip Stein.

Infospace Taps Ingenio for Pay-Per-Call Ads

According to CNet, Ingenio was set to announce Wednesday that ads from its network would appear on InfoSpace’s search site.

WebSourced’s Pat Martin Resigns, Parent Appoints Two New

It used to be that the number one question asked of me at conferences was “where is your accent from?”. It seems that has been replaced by “what’s going on at WebSourced?”.

Today a significant part of the re-structuring of WebSourced occurs with the resignation of President and CEO, Pat Martin.

THK also adds two new additions to it’s ranks which includes the mightiest of all PR gurus, Xavier Hermosillo.


Thanks to everyone on the “SEM Via Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging” panel for their ideas for tagging. Andy Hagans had some cool tagging tips including the idea of adding a “ this” tag to each blog post – to encourage readers to share the story.

After some quick searching, I found the script needed and have added it. You’ll now see it at the end of each blog post.

More snippets from the show to come. In the meantime, Barry has all the coverage.

Spreading the Word on Corporate Blogs

As part of our quasi-evil plan to ensure every Fortune 1000 company has a blog, we’re spreading the word on the benefits of a business blog (promo link), starting with the News & Observer. Moohoo-waha! ;-)