Buzzmetrics Buys Intelliseek, Merges with Nielsen

Buzzmetrics has announced the acquisition of Intelliseek – both companies offer solutions for tracking consumer-generated media. But, in a twist, the newly formed company will operate under the “Nielsen BuzzMetrics” brand and be headquartered in New York. Why? It seems VNU, parent to ACNielsen and Nielsen Media Research, will become a majority shareholder in the new BuzzMetrics with 50.1 percent ownership.

Steve Rubel offers his thoughts.

Nielsen, like other research companies that track and measure the media, was faced with a vexing issue. Namely: How do you evolve when the very media ecosystem on which you built your business is eroding? The answer is to acquire smart thinkers who have figured out ways to analyze, measure and live in a world where the Long Tail dominates.

The Ups and Downs of Business Traveler Blogs

CNet has some interesting insights on business travelers who blog. Seems few want their boss to know that they upgraded to first class and stayed at the Ritz Carlton. ;-)

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Google Adwords Coming to a Radio Near You

Hot off the press! (yep, MarketingPilgrim breaks the news first)

Google has acquired dMarc technology for $102 million in cash and plans to integrate into the Google AdWords platform, creating a new radio ad distribution channel for Google advertisers.

This changes the entire advertising landscape and must surely have traditional media outlets quaking in their boots. With the money Google has in the bank, and a move that clearly signals the company’s intent to move the AdWords model “offline”, no media channel will be safe. Expect Google to challenge print, TV and radio by bringing an advertising model that has shown to be hugely successful.

From the release…

Google today announced it has agreed to acquire dMarc Broadcasting, Inc., a Newport Beach, Calif.-based digital solutions provider for the radio broadcast industry.

Search Marketers Welcome Shorter Yahoo! Ads

ClickZ polls a number of search engine marketers and asks them for feedback on Yahoo’s decision to start truncating its sponsored search text ads after the first 70 characters.

Most marketers see the positive side, including Fortune Interactive’s Ben Wills…

By eliminating the variable of ad copy length, the move will make it easier for advertisers to compare the results of the same ads in Google and Yahoo!, said Ben Wills, director of search marketing at Fortune Interactive. “Both engines have different demographics and this move by Yahoo! could further highlight these differences. On an equal playing field, it will become more apparent to advertisers which search engine their target audience uses most frequently.”

Search Engine Satire

Saturday Night Live takes a pop at the new Quearo search engine under development in Europe. Via Price

During the Weekend Update news segment. This time Amy Poehler talks about Quaero. Visible behind her is a slide with the word Quaero (in the Google font and colors) with the word’s “French Google” below it.

From the transcript:

“The French have launched their own version of Google called Quaero. You just type in the subject you are interested in, and Quearo refuses to look it up for you.”


Wink’s Michael Tanne Discusses the Future of Tagging

One of the most successful concepts of 2005 was most certainly “tagging�?. Blog posts, search results, news items; if it’s on the web, you can bet that someone has tagged it as something they’d like to go back to or share., Digg and Furl are just some of the many tools available to web users, looking to keep track of their favorite content. But with so many different tagging alternatives, and so many people tagging, how do you keep track of the most relevant content and where can you go to find a consolidated database of the best tagged “stuff�?? That’s where Wink comes in to save the day!

Google Internet Cafe?

Monday can be a little drab, so let’s start with this humorous photo from Inside Google.