Madison Avenue Faces Google Fears

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in my all-too-infrequently-updated-blog about the paradox of competition that Google faces. On one hand, they are all about the consumer, making them a demi-god in the eyes of searchers. On the other hand, they are beginning to competitively enter into markets previously thought to be safe from Google’s strengthening ability to dominate new areas of business. Froogle, for example, still in beta and rarely marketed, is now 5th in the comparison shopping industry with 8.49% market share. Considering industry leader has 18.38% market share, it becomes easy to see how quickly consumers adopt Google services.

I read this article on Reuters last night that talks about how top New York ad agencies are feeling the pressures of Google’s expanding markets. Additionally, Brian McAndrews makes a great point at the reuters Media and Advertising Summit in Thursday:

Search Firms Scramble to Hire From Advertising, Marketing Agencies

DM News looks at the hiring frenzy going on in the search marketing industry. It appears we’re all trying to recruit the very best talent.

The article mentions Fortune Interactive.

Andy Beal, president/CEO of search marketing firm Fortune Interactive, Durham, NC, said he likes to hire employees from traditional public relations and marketing agencies because they “know how to handle large accounts. They know what to say, what the client is used to hearing, and they bring fresh ideas.”

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Dakota Sullivan Leaves LookSmart, Joins Blue Lithium

LookSmart’s VP of Marketing, Dakota Sullivan has left the company to join online advertising company Blue Lithium as their Chief Marketing Officer.

Update: Seems we missed Sullivan’s earlier move to Zoto – before joining Blue Lithium.

Update 2: Ok, so we were 9 days too early. Here’s the official release.

This is Just for Kim Krause Berg

Kim? We love ya! People read your blog because they get a great insight into who you are and what you think about business.

Yours will be one of the last RSS feeds I unsubscribe from.

Robert Scoble: Secret Hollywood Movie Star?

Robert Scoble == Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Robert Scoble:

Philip Seymour Hoffman:

The resemblance is uncanny, we know. In fact, it’s a little too uncanny, don’t you think?

All I know is that I’d love to see a Robert do a Lester Bangs rant on how rock and roll stars are not your friends, from Almost Famous.

Fortune Interactive Speaking at Search Engine Strategies Chicago

I remember the old days when I would issue a press release about my speaking at an event. Now I leave it to the last minute to barely get a blog post up in time. ;-)

Anyway, if you’re heading to SES Chicago, I hope you’ll stop by the “Reputation Monitoring & Management” session and catch the latest tips on monitoring and managing your company’s brand reputation.

In the meantime, we finally have picks from AD:TECH NYC.

Outing Blog Comment Spam

Over at Search Engine Journal, Loren looks at some rather shady looking comment spam being served up by Quintura Search.