Googling Google – David Vise Answers Questions on Google

Washington Post writer and author of The Google Story, David Vise, was online earlier today to answer a whole host of Google questions – including one from an “Andy of Raleigh, NC” :-)

If you’ve not already picked up David’s excellent book, you should go get it now. Pick up Battelle’s fantastic offering too and you’ll learn all there is to know about Google.

Yahoo Opens New York Research Office

Yahoo has appointed Dr. Ron Brachman as vice president of worldwide research operations and opened a research office in NYC.

Brachman, who joins Yahoo! from DARPA and AT&T Labs, will be based at Yahoo!’s newly-opened research center in New York City. The center will focus on key technologies in the areas of computer science and social media relevant to Yahoo!’s products and services.

Brachman has had a distinguished career as a scientist and senior executive, marked by many significant accomplishments and honors. His expertise and experience will play a crucial role in expanding Yahoo! Research globally. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Brachman served as the director of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO), and there developed IPTO’s Cognitive Systems initiative, which brought hundreds of millions of dollars to the national research community. Prior to his term at DARPA, Brachman was a Research Vice President at AT&T Labs where he developed a world-class artificial intelligence group. He recently completed a two-year term as President of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), and is a Fellow of AAAI and of the Association for Computing Machinery.

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Google Adds Music Search Results

Reuters has details of a new “one box” feature for music. Simply search for the name of your favorite artist and you’ll find a suggested album, artwork and description. Plus…

A link to “more” music results leads to user reviews, song titles and a choice of online retailers where the music can be purchased.

So is Google getting any revenue-share from the new feature?

While the music search feature holds out the possibility of Google taking a cut of any music sale resulting from directing the user to an online music store, a spokeswoman said there was no plans to charge anyone for the service.

Google Maps Video Ad

Via Rubel, an interesting video ad for Google Maps. Looks like the work of a fan rather than something out of Mountain View – then again, that may well be what they’re hoping we think.

Great viral marketing effort, no matter who created it.

Is Your SEO an AssClown?

Matt Cutts seems to be getting a little more daring on his blog these days – outing paid links and now outing crappy SEO redirects.

BTW, yes, he does use the phrase “assclown” to describe the SEO. :-)

AOL Still Deciding Between Google and Microsoft

BusinessWeek has an update on AOL’s decision on who to have provide their search results; Google or MSN?

Both suitors still appeared to be in the running as of Dec. 11. But given the talks’ complexity, it’s not surprising that they’re dragging. It’s unclear at this point whether Time Warner will reach a deal with one or the other by the end of the month, as originally expected.

BW explains that AOL has a lot to gain from selecting the right partner, while both Google and Microsoft have a lot at stake too.

Oodle Boasts Largest Index of Auto Classifieds

Looking for a used car? You might want to head over to Oodle.

The classifieds search engine has just claimed the title as the largest index of auto classifieds, which includes CarsDirect as well as specialty sites like and

“We’re thrilled with the strong demand for autos from both publishers and consumers,� said Faith Sedlin, vice president of marketing for Oodle. “In the past two months we’ve tripled our auto index from 1 million to 3 million motor listings and have seen traffic more than double.�