Google Adds Blog Ticker to Gmail

Nathan Weinberg has details of a handy little RSS ticker now available in Gmail.

So, what are Web Clips? Basically, its a simple RSS ticker, showing headlines from RSS feeds above your Gmail inbox (or Spam folder, as it were). Clicking a “Customize� button on the right of the Web Clip bar lets you change options for it, or turn it off if it annoys you.

Click Defense Withdraws as Lead Plaintiff in Google Click Fraud Case

Cnet reports that Click Defense is pulling out as the lead plaintiff in a lawsuite filed against Google with AIT picking up the lead.

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Out of the Mouth of Googlers

Over at Xooglers, former Google employees share some the things they remember saying during their first month. Some funny stuff, including:

“Okay, so there are eight shelves full of HTML and Linux reference books. Where do we keep the dictionary and thesaurus? Yeah, I know I can find stuff online, but I’d still like a hard copy. No, I can’t just print out the words when I look them up.�

“Oh sorry. Didn’t realize anyone was napping in here.�

“How long does it take the sauna to get hot? You think it’s okay to go in the women’s locker room to get some towels since we’re out in here?�

A company sauna? I knew we were missing something! ;-)

2005 Search Blogs Awards – Voting Open

The nominations are in and Loren has a bunch of search-related blogs for you to vote on. Surprisingly, Marketing Pilgrim was among the nominations…I’m humbled, especially as this site is only 3 months old. Maybe we’ll win “Best Newcomer” ;-)

If you nominated us (and indeed vote for us), many thanks!

News Corp. Looks for Paid Search Provider

Via AP news

Ross Levinsohn, the Internet chief at News Corp., told investors Tuesday the company was considering teaming up with a partner in sponsored search as it expands its online strategy.

Levinsohn, speaking at a media conference sponsored by the UBS investment bank, said it was still unclear whether Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate would acquire an Internet search provider or form a partnership with one. He said the company was hearing proposals from several parties, including Quigo Inc.

Who’s your guess?

The Googleverse – a Roundtable with Battelle, Li, Mailik, Vise & More

When you get together a group of technology experts, journalists and analysts and ask them to discuss Google, you end up with some very interesting reading.

Google Launches Bus Trip Planner

CNet has details of Google’s new transit trip planner.

The Google trip planner asks people to enter their preferred itinerary, such as location of departure and arrival, as well as dates and time of travel. The site then gleans all available information on public transportation schedules to produce a trip planner.

The trip planner provides estimated walking time to catch the nearest form of transportation on the desired route, which transit line to catch and estimated traveling time. The trip planner also provides the estimated cost for using public transportation.

Sadly only available for residents of Portland, Oregon at this time.