InterActiveCorp Launches Pronto Comparison Shopping Tool

IAC has just launched Pronto a comparison shopping tool that sits on your desktop and helps you save money while shopping.

So what does it offer?

* Instantly compare prices and view similar products while you shop online at many of your favorite merchants.

* Set Price Alerts on products you view. Get an alert when Pronto finds a merchant selling the product at or below your target price.

* Automatically apply money-saving offers to products you are viewing online.

* Easily track price changes and keep a history of products you’ve viewed online.

Hat-tip Wingo.

Mark Twain; Author of World’s First Book on Search Marketing

So, you think you know who’s “first generation” SEO? Think again!

Greg Jarboe has discovered the very first book on search engine optimization and it was written by none other than Mark Twain! Ok, so the great author didn’t actually know he had written about SEO, but Jarboe figured it out.

Twain, I believe, would have felt right at home in our industry, profession and time. I recently re-read his book, Life on the Mississippi, and found a couple of top stories that SEOs may want to read for themselves and re-tell to their clients.

I wasn’t convinced until I saw this quote from the book…

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AOL Acquires Video Search Provider, Truveo

AOL has announced the acquisition of Truveo Inc. a video search engine provider based in Burlingame, California.

From the press release…

Truveo’s approach to video search utilizes a proprietary web crawling technology called “Visual Crawling”. This unique technology has enabled Truveo to amass one of the most comprehensive indexes of high-quality, current video on the web. The strength of Truveo’s Visual Crawling is its ability to automatically discover video files and related information on complex, dynamic web pages – a task that has been notoriously challenging for existing conventional crawling technologies. Truveo’s technology continuously crawls the most popular video content sites on the web in real-time to provide consumers with the most updated and relevant results that include breaking news, sports, and entertainment video. And, as a result of this unique approach, Truveo’s video search engine includes a large selection of popular video that cannot be found in any other search engine – helping consumers to find the ‘eureka’ moment in their online video search experience every single time.

Vote Now: How do you define Search Engine Marketing?

Do you agree that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the umbrella term for both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search (including PPC)?

I’m seeing too many people using SEM to exclusively refer to Paid Search or PPC.

After getting initial feedback in the “comments”, I’ve decided to add a mini-poll.

So how do you define Search Engine Marketing?

What to Watch With Google Video

The Google Video store is finally open and the Google Blog lists some of its content providers.

The list includes:

• CareTALK: A multimedia brand dedicated to consumer-directed health care offering programming and tools to help modern family caregivers; initially offering 10-20 hours of health and caregiving-related content (10-20 minutes in length).

• CBS: Includes prime time hits such as CSI, NCIS, Survivor: Guatemala, and The Amazing Race (available spring ’06), as well as classics like I Love Lucy, Twilight Zone, Brady Bunch, Have Gun Will Travel, MacGyver, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and My Three Sons (coming soon).

• HDNet: Co-founded by Mark Cuban, HDNet has agreed to make select original programming from its library available for the launch of Google’s first commercial video offering.

Yahoo Acquires WebJay

Tristan Louis pings me to let me know that Yahoo has acquired WebJay, a site that allows for categorization, editing, listening, and sharing of playlists online.

He has a candid (and brief) interview with Lucas Gonze, WebJay’s creator.

Search Spend Jumps 44% in 2005

New SEMPO study, via MarketingVOX, shows a 44% jump in search engine marketing spend with $5.75 billion spent in 2005.

The survey found that 83 percent of SEM spending, or $4.7 billion, was spent in 2005 on paid placement.

At first glance, you’d think the money was in PPC, but let’s take another look. $4.7b spent on PPC, at an average agency rate of 10%, results in $470 million in PPC management fees. Compare that to the more than $643 million collected for SEO fees.

SEMPO found that 62 percent of search marketers said branding was the primary objective of search campaigns, but nearly as many – 60 percent – said selling was a key objective.