Fortune Interactive Speaking at Search Engine Strategies Chicago

I remember the old days when I would issue a press release about my speaking at an event. Now I leave it to the last minute to barely get a blog post up in time. ;-)

Anyway, if you’re heading to SES Chicago, I hope you’ll stop by the “Reputation Monitoring & Management” session and catch the latest tips on monitoring and managing your company’s brand reputation.

In the meantime, we finally have picks from AD:TECH NYC.

Outing Blog Comment Spam

Over at Search Engine Journal, Loren looks at some rather shady looking comment spam being served up by Quintura Search.

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Don’t Mess With Bloggers, They’ll Shut You Down

Mediapost demonstrates the power of the blogosphere by covering the unfortunate events that led up to the blog Digital Connection raising hell with

After the blogger received very poor customer service, he proceeded to post an account of the episode on his blog.

He posted an account of his experience on Digital Connection, and also mentioned that he had found the retailer through Yahoo! Shopping. As of Wednesday, still appeared on Yahoo! Shopping with a rating of four stars out of a possible five, but by Thursday, the site had been delisted.

That’s when things went turned very bad for

Howard Baker, a manager with, said the business had suffered “millions of dollars” worth of damages in the last two days, apparently at the hands of consumer vigilantes who had read the Digital Connection post.

BroadWords Grabs Search Marketing’s Tail

According to CNet, Pinstorm is hoping its new BroadWords software will help search marketers tap into keywords that are not as heavily bid on.

For instance, instead of placing a bid for “cheap hotel New York” for $6 or $7, Pinstorm might bid on “NY subway map” or “Statute of Liberty, where,” which attract a few buyers and sell for a few cents. Those alternative terms might not be directly related to booking a hotel room, but the person doing the searching could be a tourist or business executive trying to determine which part of town to stay in for an upcoming visit.

Pinstorm has about 7 million “cheap” search terms in its portfolio. Placing an ad for a client might involve having a position on 10,000 to 1 million search terms.

Yahoo Taps Online Behaviors for Search Engine Ads

Reuters reports Yahoo is stepping up its use of online behavior targeting for its ads.

The Web portal company does not give personal information to advertising clients but tracks a few types of behavior by its users, including search queries, movement through Yahoo sites and the specific ads clicked. That lets it decide on the fly what ads are most appropriate for a user…for instance, a person who searches for information on cars is likely to be sent an auto ad.

Google Looks to Add Engineers to UK Center

According to PCW, Google is going on a hiring spree for engineers at its new UK research and development (R &D) center.

‘The Google London R&D centre will draw on the talented pool of computer scientists and engineers from the UK and Europe,’ said a spokeswoman.

‘As Europe continues to outpace the US in mobile and wireless infrastructure and applications development, the London centre will extend those technical capabilities we are building.’

And then Danny Sullivan said…

Anyone else launching a personal blog today?

Danny announces the launch of his own personal web log.