Looking for Google Analytics Support and Training?

Just because Google Analytics is now free, it doesn’t mean you’re going to instantly get the best out of it. Fortune Interactive has always offered Urchin/Google Analytics free to our search engine marketing clients but if you’ve decided to go it alone, you may find you still need some help.

My good friend Tim Seward is one of just a handful of authorized Google Analytics consultants in the US and he’s just launched ROI Revloution for those companies looking for help in understanding all of that data.

Having worked with Tim first hand, I can tell you his company knows its stuff!

Microsoft Fremont a Google Base Competitor?

Scot Wingo points to a new Microsoft Live product code-named “Fremont” that will likely compete with Google Base and Craigslist.

This product represents a unique offering by Microsoft to address the person-to-person marketplace. The product, code-named “Fremont,� is a dynamic new listing service that enables people to easily buy, sell, or swap among friends, co-workers, or the public. Fremont enhances your ability to:

* Connect with those you trust – your messenger buddies and your coworkers,
* Locate items in your neighborhood or across the country through integration with MapPoint and Windows Liveâ„¢ Local (formerly Virtual Earth),
*List easily, instantly, and for free.

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Google Space Offers Free Wi-Fi at London’s Heathrow Airport

Mediapost reports that Google is offering free web access to travelers using LHR.

At Heathrow, the Internet-ready lounge, dubbed Google Space, is intended to provide passengers who are waiting through layovers or flight delays with access to the Internet. The lounge is staffed by Google employees who will provide assistance and advice to the Google Space users. Google Space will be active in Heathrow until Dec. 17.

Does Google Suggest the World is Racist?

Softpedia seems to think that Google Suggest demonstrates the world is full of nothing but racists.

These suggested queries are based on what other people searched for before and it was proved that people are interested in finding evidence that “blacks are inferior”, “blacks are lazy” or to prove that the “white race is superior”.

Hardly compelling. My own research found…

“blacks on blondes” – whoops there goes the PG13
“white men can’t jump”
“caucasians are too damn tall”
“cats are better than dogs”
“british are coming”
“canadians are not americans”

Hiring SEM Specialists

It seems like this topic has been a bit of a bandwagon as of late, and I’ll give it a shot, jump on, and throw my $0.02 in.

This has always been something that’s proven difficult in the more than four years that I’ve been in this industry. In my history hiring and training SEMers, I’ve personally interviewed and hired over 30 search engine marketing specialists, and trained well over 100 people (between sales, service, and search marketing specialists). With whatever credibility that lends, I can honestly say that finding and hiring experienced search marketing specialists is the most difficult.

The reasons are obvious: This is a new industry, those with knowledge and experience are mostly self-taught (and often independent consultants), it is not a glamourous industry (if it were, there would be a greater interest), and the combination of marketing and technical aptitude to truly become an expert is quite unique.

Google to Target Classifieds

Steve Rubel points to evidence that suggests Google is getting ready to make a push for classifieds.

According to the job listing, Google is growing their “world- class sales team to assist in the sale of targeted advertising solutions to advertisers in the Classifieds space…As a member of Google’s Vertical Markets Group, your main responsibility will be to develop and execute on a strategy for driving ad sales with all advertisers in the Classifieds category on a national/international level, working with all sales channels and resources (DSO, ISO, Online).â€?

Could Google or Yahoo be Manchester United’s Next Sponsor?

Over at WebWatch, there’s speculation that Google or Yahoo could be in the running to sponsor England’s soccer powerhouse (and the second best team behind the Gunners) Manchester United.

Vodafone announced last week that it is ending its four-year £9m a year shirt sponsorship deal two years early at the end of this current Premiership season…some of the names reportedly willing to top Vodafone’s deal include Google, IBM and Yahoo!, according to The Observer newspaper at the weekend.

Sponsorship of an English soccer team generates a lot of brand exposure for any company. Man’ Utd has a strong global following with their shirts worn around the world.