Mark Cuban Believes IceRocket Can Hang With Google

Mark Cuban posts his (biased) review of Google Blog Search and explains how IceRocket can out-manoeuvre the giant.

Google is fast. But it becomes very slow when you have to go to jump between their front page advanced search page in order to date delimit your search.

Google doesnt support Topics/Tags. Which means that when you do a search for a keyword and it returns 3k results today, well that same search might return 33k results next year at this time. Google has some nice search delimiters, but self inclusion in a topic by the author is probably the best.

A Cool $4.18 Billion for Google War-Chest

Looks like Google is putting aside some money for a “rainy day”. ;-)

Google has raised $4.18 billion in a secondary offering, as investors try to add to their holdings of a stock that has more than tripled in value since the company’s initial offering a year ago.

Google’s follow-on offering on Wednesday, in which shares were priced at $295 each, was completed less than one month after Google filed to sell 14.159 million shares, a number that matches the digits of the mathematical term pi with the initial 3 removed.

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AOL Might Dump Google Results in Favor of MSN

Bloomberg has an insider, “familiar” with the goings-on at AOL, tell them that the company may switch their search results from Google to MSN.

If true, this would be certainly allow Microsoft the chance to finally edge up their market share, while at the same time reducing Google’s.

“Google and AOL have a healthy global partnership and AOL remains a valued partner,” Google spokesman Michael Mayzel said.

That reminds me of a college AD issuing a statement that their 0-11 football coach, has their complete support. Usually it’s an empty statement.

I think a Microsoft/AOL partnership has a high likelihood of happening, especially as Microsoft is rumored to be considering taking a stake in AOL.

TV Execs Turn to Blogs to Advertise Shows

Over at MarketingVOX you’ll find news that television network executives are using blogs to promote their shows.

VH1, TBS, and several PBS affiliates have promoted their shows via the BlogAds ad network. TBS has advertised “The Real Gilligan’s Island,” “Sex and the City,” and “Minding the Store,” on entertainment-related blogs; PBS has promoted documentaries about Robert F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and sex researcher Michael Kinsey.

Don’t you get the sense that blogs are on the “starting blocks” just ready for someone to fire the start gun? If someone can figure out a concrete way to monetize blogs, it could be the next “search”.

Google Victim of Press Release Spam/Scam?

Don’t think this is real, do you? :-)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – September 15, 2005 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today its plans to enter the lucrative adult content market with a new search engine that will be kept separate from its main line of search services.

Called Grotica, the new service uses sophisticated image processing tools to automatically categorize still photos and movies according to subject matter and degree of explicitness. Google’s powerful keyword search functions have been further enhanced for this application with over 3000 synonyms for anatomical terms and erotic activities.

When users visit they will be able to specify a plain language description of the material they are searching for, or point the search engine to an existing image containing similar content. Grotica will then use a proprietary ranking algorithm to return the most relevant hits.

Google Will Tell Webmasters if they Break Guidelines

Nick W reports that Google is testing a pilot program that emails webmasters to warn them about pages that contain techniques that violate their guidelines.

Dear site owner or webmaster of [url removed],

While we were indexing your webpages, we detected that some of your
pages were using techniques that were outside our quality guidelines,
which can be found here: [link]
In order to preserve the quality of our search engine, we have
temporarily removed some webpages from our search results. Currently
pages from [url removed] are scheduled to be removed for at least 30 days.

Full letter at Threadwatch.

Yahoo Unveils Instant Search Feature

Via CNet

Yahoo is set to launch a new beta feature on its search Web site on Thursday. Called Instant Search, the feature interprets what a search is likely to be as the user is typing and automatically displays what it deems the most relevant result. In many cases, instant answers will be provided in the form of Yahoo Search Shortcut results. The optional feature automatically corrects spelling, as well.

Danny has more.