Simple, Fun, Creative = Winning Video

The guys and gals over at Owler get it. They figured out that you don’t have to spend five-figures to make a fun, and very effective, video that explains your business and gets a customer to understand what you do in under two minutes. Check this out.

Great video, right? So how can you do the same without breaking the bank? Here is what Owler had to say about the making of this video.

Start With Identifying Your Benefits

We started by brainstorming the most important benefits of Owler to our target audience. We narrowed it down to three benefits. Company alerts, curated “noise-free” news and community polls.

How To “Show” The Benefits?

You oughta be in pictures – if you want your social media to soar

photo updates socialbakersAs much as it pains this writer to say it, the public’s love affair with photos is going strong. New numbers from SocialBakers shows that photos have no equal when it comes to engagement.

In March, they examined the Facebook posts made by 30,000 brands including both smaller fan pages and blockbusters with more than 1,000,000 followers.

Of those posts, 75% included a photo. This doesn’t surprise me. A branded Facebook post just looks unfinished if it doesn’t have a photo. Plus, Facebook has made it so easy to add multiple photos and to replace bad photos that come over with a link. (I have this issue all the time and I don’t know why!)

Channel Sponsors

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Trending topics? Google will now deliver them right to your inbox

It’s important for marketers to keep up on trends because trends can help you catch the consumer’s eye. Hey, there’s a reason why every brand from Oreo to NASA Tweets on Super Bowl Sunday. We’re a nation of collective thinking. Did you see the Game of Thrones premiere? Can you believe the latest social media faux pas? And how about that final goal in last night’s hockey game?

Want to know what people are talking about? Check Google Trends. This webpage is a constantly updating list of the hottest searches sliced and diced into bite-sized pieces.

Google Trends

Don’t have time to constantly check for new updates? Google has a tool for you! It’s the hot, spanking, new Google Trends subscribe button. Use it to get email updates on any search term, Hot Search list by country or the US Monthly Top Chart.

LinkedIn hits the 300 million member mark

linkedin300LinkedIn is celebrating this weekend but it’s not about Easter eggs and chocolate – they’re celebrating a milestone. As of right now, 300 million people have joined LinkedIn. That’s not as good as a 5 foot, solid chocolate bunny but it’s still a pretty nice treat.

Here are a few interesting stats from their celebratory infographic:


– Five years ago, LinkedIn members were mostly male, but in 2013 it’s almost an even split between men and women.

– More than half of LinkedIn’s members live outside the US.

– Five years ago, the UK was number two for membership but now India and Brazil take second and third slots.

What this means for you:

Twitter gets serious about mobile with app install ad option

Twitter app installsI don’t know who’s been driving the Twitter bus lately but this guy is determined. Twitter’s come up with more positive tweaks and twists in the last year than we’ve seen since the first Tweet took flight.

Today, it’s all about mobile advertising. A year ago, I thought of Twitter advertising as something only the big brands could afford. Sponsored Trends and Promoted Tweets were not only expensive but there were a limited number of slots and the campaigns were hard to control.

Fast forward to 2013 and Twitter began adding more targeting options to the self-serve platform and then they added new options like Promoted Accounts in search.

Now, they’re moving fully into the mobile app ad business with help from MoPub Marketplace.

Facebook app update helps you meet your FB friends in person!

Facebook just added a new feature to their app that will help you connect with your friends in a whole new way – in person. It’s a radical move. So much for what happens on the internet stays on the internet. Now I’ll have the option of actually speaking to a person whom I follow face-to-face.

The service is called Nearby Friends and you do have to opt-in to use it but when you do it looks like this:

nearby-friends-press-1You can also choose which friends see you and vice versa by choosing a subsection of your friends list or just individuals. Even still, Facebook may have to do some of their usual culling so users don’t get overwhelmed by all the pings. Imagine you’re a high school student and you’ve opted in to all your school friends. Yikes! This is every teacher’s nightmare. (Cell phones OFF in the classroom, please!)