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Linky Goodness, December 4

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again: you won’t believe how incredibly good—and incredibly linky—today’s linky goodness is. Until you read it.

Linky Goodness, October 6

Linky linky goodness, readers, dear
Linky links will come to you all year
If I had one wish, then it would be
A post full of good links to you from me.

Oh, look, my wish came true!

Linky Goodness, November 2

I know you’ve missed it, so here it is—Linky! Goodness! Linky! Goodness!

  • Yahoo finally apologizes for getting a Chinese Dissident jailed: Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal coverage of the Wall Street Journal story (sub req for WSJ).
  • In what appears to the be first serious Net Neutrality challenge, Free Press and other groups are bringing Comcast to task (or, rather, to the FCC) for secretly imitating users and blocking uploads to programs like BitTorrent. Coverage by the AP and CNET
  • It looks like it’s finally happening: Time Warner Embracing Plan To Break Up Company, including sacrificing “parts” of AOL.
  • CNET speculates about Facebook’s ad futures

Linky Goodness, December 19

Today’s Linky Goodness offers an extra dose of Googly goodness for your holiday enjoyment!

Linky Goodness, April 24

Okay, I’ll spare you my first idea for an introduction: a nursery rhyme including variations on the word ‘linky.’ We’ll just stick to the links.

Linky Goodness, August 7

Okay, okay, I acquiesce: “LINK-Y GOOD-NESS, LINK-Y GOOD-NESS!”

  • raises $10M in their third round of funding, bringing them to $43M total.
  • Russ Jones proposes a new robots.txt command—exclude by keyword. I like the idea (a lot), but I just don’t think that search engines will go along with it. Maybe, though.
  • If Google doesn’t care about behavioral targeting, the government does. The FTC will hold a “town meeting” to discuss behavioral targeting in November. Get your tickets now; they’re selling like hot cakes.
  • If you thought the YouTube debate was radical, hang on to your hats: Yahoo will host the first ever web-only presidential debate for the Democrat candidates this September. It’s scheduled for September 12—five days before the Republicans’ YouTube debate. Draw your own conclusions.

Linky Goodness, May 27

You know the old Linky Goodness Litmus Test™—is it linky? Is it good? If so, find it below!