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Yahoo Being Window Shopped?

Yahoo is in the news a lot as of late. That we all know. The news is rarely good but the reports coming from The Wall Street Journal and its tech blog All Things Digital is that there may be interest in buying the struggling web property. That could be the best thing for it.

At Kara Swisher reported yesterday

Make no mistake–there are no definitive offers on the table to do a variety of takeover deals of Yahoo by either private equity moneybags or from big media giants such as News Corp. or smaller Web firms such as AOL.

But that does not mean that major players are not circling Yahoo and assessing the situation aggressively, a fact reflected in the rise in the Internet giant’s stock price today based on the many rumors swirling around it.

Is Yahoo’s Three Year Plan 3 Years Too Late?

Yesterday, Yahoo once again tried to throw its hat into the Internet’s relevance ring. I give them credit for being scrappy to some degree but there seems to be much more talk than real action coming from the Sunnyvale boys (ooops, let’s not forget Carol Bartz at the helm, my bad) Change is something that needs to be concrete and not conceptual so I was wondering if this new plan for the future may be too little too late?

VentureBeat reports

Yahoo executives spoke to journalists at the company’s Sunnyvale, Calif. headquarters this morning about their future plans — both upcoming improvements to products like Yahoo Mail, and an ambitious three-year strategy to revitalize the company.

Yahoo Looks to Maximize Happiness

Already had enough of Facebook’s location service? Looking for news about the rest of the Internet? Well, while Facebook is trying to add value to services with products Yahoo is taking a bit of a different route.

It appears as if Yahoo is looking for some kind of Internet “secret sauce” that holds the key to happiness. Sound weird? It does to me because it sounds like the kind of talk that would be coming from a Northern California commune of the 60’s rather than the campus of one of the biggest Internet properties in the world.

Wired reports

Imagine a world where your favorite webpage doesn’t even exist until you go there, and then it’s exactly what you hoped it would be, and it makes you viscerally happy. Prabhakar Raghavan is thinking about just that, and as the chief scientist for Yahoo he’s actually in a position to make it possible.

Is Facebook the New Face Time?

According to the Silicon Alley Insider and comScore, Facebook has taken over as the place where people spend more time online than even Google sites. This is a first apparently for Facebook who now seems to make a habit of reaching new milestones on a regular basis. Here’s the picture.

My question is what Google sites are we talking about? If it is all Google’s sites in aggregate that would then include YouTube and Gmail which then makes this chart really quite fascinating.As for Yahoo, well, the good news keeps rolling in huh as it appears that boatloads of minutes online are shifting away from them even more.

How much time do you spend on Facebook these days? Is it more important to your life (business and personal) than the use of Google sites, which are not really social (at least not today)?

How Major CEO’s Are Viewed by Their Employees

This is a bit of a ‘fun’ post. The company that put it together the chart below is which is a job posting site that gets it’s information from company employees. It also ran as the Business Insider’s SAI Chart of the Day so it has to be accurate, right?!

In a world (tech and Internet) where the CEO of a company often gets more attention than the average CEO, it’s interesting to see if the employees of a company carry the same opinion of their leadership as many on the outside do. Here are the results.

Could Facebook Be the Real Difference in Election 2012?

It’s getting closer and closer to November in the US and the that means only one thing this year: the presidential election is nearly upon us. Of course, the political ads, rhetoric and mudslinging are in full force already and if you are like me you are already sick of it. That won’t stop it from escalating as election day draws near and it looks like one of the biggest potential influencers could be none other than Facebook.

The social network and CNN have announced a partnership that could prove interesting for the party that has most of their constituency on the network. You can probably take a wild guess at that one. All Facebook reports

Yahoo! Rolls Out New Look

Yahoo! is still there but it is admittedly a lot less fun these days to write about. Long gone are the days of lady longshoreman wannabes like Carol Bartz (who boatloads of fun to write about) or the resume challenged antics of Scott Thompson.

No today Yahoo! is settled down into a company that is looking to bring itself back to some semblance of its former self under the seemingly stable guidance of its current CEO, ex-Googler Marissa Mayer. Part of the return to its sense includes a new look that is being rolled out today.

New Look Yahoo

It’s important stuff since Mayer herself published a post to the Yahoo Corporate blog in which she says the following: