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HitWise – Google Gets 66% of Searches in February

February was a strong month for Google – the number of searches to the site was up one percent to equal 66.44% (to be exact) of searches in the U.S. I believe this is a new high, because according to HitWise, Google reached their highest share of searches in December 2007 – at 65.98%.

Again Google takes the majority and the other search engines don’t come close. Yahoo! Search had almost 21% of searches, MSN Search got almost 7% (so if you could perfectly combine the two top competitors as Microsoft hopes, you’d be closer to 30%). had 4.16% of searches. As far as the long tail, it was really long – every other search engine (46 total) together accounted for just 1.87 percent of U.S. searches last month.

comScore vs Hitwise vs Nielsen vs Compete: Who Wins?

It’s no secret that every ratings service has different numbers for search engine market shares, site visits, and just about any other metric out there. What to do?

We ask Danny Sullivan. (I mean, DUH. Who else would you ask?) Danny has a set of graphs showing the trends over the last year from comScore, Hitwise, Nielsen and Compete.

So what are the conclusions? While there’s a relatively huge spread on the percentage, the overall slow upward trend is universal for Google. Ask and AOL don’t show significant differences either.

But Yahoo and Live are a different story. For Yahoo, comScore and Hitwise hold steady but Nielsen and Compete show a dip in the last few months. Live/MSN is almost the opposite.

Hitwise Says Google Search Share Down 5% Year Over Year

As Google celebrates the introduction of Jelly Bean, the progress of Project Glass and the birthday of Google+, it may have to take a bit of party-pooping news from the latest search market share data from Experian Hitwise regarding May’s search share numbers. The chart below says it all.

Google search is down 5% while Bing powered search is up 5% but still has under 30% of total search share at 28%.

As it is with every delivery of this kind of data each month, you can determine whether this is the beginning of the end of Google or whatever. Let’s just say that even with a hiccup like this in the year over year data Google is not terribly concerned. What is going to be more concerning will be if Apple takes a bite out of that 95% share of mobile search. Now that will be a story.

Google+ Traffic Up According to Experian Hitwise

Google+ is making its big push, there is no denying it. You see ads all over and Google is apparently even willing to toy with its own terms of service to get this service to where they want it to be. Experian Hitwise reports that traffic is up for sure as of December of 2011. Lots of new Android devices being given as gifts will likely help that traffic. The real question is, are the people visiting Google+ actually using Google+?

Most Visited Real Estate Web Sites

Real estate has been a more frequent topic recently on Marketing Pilgrim and I promised to write about recent stats on what real estate related terms people are typing in search engines. According to HitWise, the most popular web search volume for real estate sites goes to That’s based on data collected for the four weeks ending Jan. 26, 2008.

Hitwise is a subsidiary of Experian, and the stats are collected and analyzed directly from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The information is based on search behavior of more than 10 million Internet users in the US.

Notice the mix of brand names vs. general terms. Six out of ten of the terms are variations on a brand name:, Remax, Century 21, Zillow (both plain and with the .com) and Coldwell Banker.

Google Still Chipping Away At Microsoft

If rumors weren’t abundant enough, they sure will be in the coming weeks. According to the latest published figures by online competitive intelligence service, Hitwise, Microsoft have lost 3 percent year on year [directly to Google] in US Search Market Share.

Percentage of US Searches Among Leading Search Engine Providers
Domain Jul-07 Jun-07 Jul-06 64.35% 63.92% 60.23% 22.13% 21.31% 22.54% / 8.79% 9.85% 11.77% 3.21% 3.42% 3.29%

Surely the only way that Microsoft can hope to compete with Google is through major acquisition – making Yahoo! (who have held steady) an even tastier proposition. But let’s speculate for a moment on these giants combining search efforts; their joint market share would still be half that of Google’s – unless of course, they were to undertake a considerable rethink in the process.

Boing Boing Bing: Was Bing Up or Down for Dec?

Two out of three online measurement firms agree: Bing lost ground in December. Experian Hitwise and Nielsen saw Bing’s search share decrease from November, while comScore saw it grow.

comScore saw Bing grow 4% from 10.3% to 10.7% (and Yahoo, Ask & the rest lost some). Hitwise, however, reported that Bing saw a 4% decrease in December (0.42 percentage points, coming in at 8.92%), as did Yahoo (0.56 percentage points, now 14.83%) and Ask (0.11 percentage points, now 2.54%). Google, naturally, grew 1% (0.68 percentage points, 72.25%). Nielsen reported an 8% drop in Bing’s share (0.8 percentage points, 9.9%), while Yahoo saw a 6% drop (0.9 percentage points, 14.4%).