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Yahoo! Back in the Game

beboYahoo! have finally secured a deal with a major social networking property for display and video advertising. Bebo, the UK and Ireland’s most popular social networking site, has entered into a multi-year, exclusive partnership.

Yahoo! Europe will help advertisers reach a young British audience of over 11 million users, generally ranging from 13 to 24 years – a sought-after but traditionally difficult group to target.

Although no financials have been disclosed, the deal is rumored to involve a revenue guarantee – an approach reportedly made by Google in a deal that snatched MySpace advertising, and possibly part of Microsoft’s recent Facebook agreement.

Joanna Shields, President of Bebo International, told Reuters that choosing a market leader like Yahoo! was the important part of the decision.

Navel Observatory: Snippets from Sun Valley

The Sun Valley media and technology conference opened Wednesday. We like to make fun of the confab of media moguls and owners as “navel gazing” (hence the pun in the post title!)—I mean, a media conference that’s closed to the press?—but since the press seems to be swarming around outside the conference and lots of people seem willing to talk, I guess it’s time to fire up the ol’ rumor mill.

First up, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt. In a press conference last night, Schmidt said he tried for six years to save us from Chrome and the pending Google OS, but eventually the wave of enthusiasm that is Larry Page and Sergey Brin overpowered his objections:

Forget the Real Estate Bubble, What About Social Networks?

It’s a crazy world we live in, when a social network site I have never heard of before – Bebo – turns down a $552 million acquisition offer from BT just weeks after raising a meager $15 million.

Michael Arrington has the details

Bebo has been on fire recently, and now has more than 25 million registered users and 3 billion monthly page views. Myspace, for comparison, has 70+ million users and nearly 30 billion monthly page views.

Seems like a lot of companies have heard the news that MySpace is now the most popular web site in the U.S. and they want a piece of the pie while it’s still hot out the oven.

UPDATE: Both BT and Bebo say the rumor is untrue.

Facebook Poised to Overtake MySpace in the UK?

Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins has analyzed the search frequencies for “facebook” and the data suggests the social network could soon overtake MySpace in the UK.

Here’s how the search numbers for “facebook”,”myspace” and “bebo” look:

Bebo is still kicking-butt, but you can see Facebook has overtaken MySpace. Now let’s look at actual market share in the UK.


Both Bebo and MySpace are losing steam. Meanwhile, Facebook continues to grow its audience.

Any predictions on if and when Facebook will trump MySpace?

Facebook Emerging as Social Media of Choice for UK Younger Set

facebook2Everyone wants to figure out who has this social media thing figured out. One of the things that gets attention in a hyper covered area like social media is saying something contrary to what appears to be the conventional wisdom. In the UK, we have heard from 15 year ‘analysts’ and now we hear from the UK media regulator, Ofcom that social networking use is down. The Ofcom site defines them as the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. Their findings as reported by ClickZ states

Friendster to Add Facebook App Compatibility

friendsterI have a little song for you today. It’s to the tune of “Oh Shenandoah.”

O-pen Social, you long to give us
A-a-apps, all open source
O-pen Social, you long to serve us
A-a-away you’re bound to go
‘Cause Facebook’s stealing your lunch

Okay, the last line might not fit so well in the song, but it looks to be happening in the real world. Yet another social network that had pledged its support to Open Social is adding compatibility with Facebook’s application language. Yes, first it was Bebo (in December) and now it’s Friendster.

Announced a year ago, Open Social is Google’s answer to Facebook’s then-proprietary social network app markup language. Designed as a cross-platform, open source language and set of standards, Open Social seemed pretty awesome at first.

MySpace Lags Behind Twitter in UK

Twitter iconTwitter, media sweetheart and microblogging service extraordinaire, has another coup to add to its list: they’ve now beat out MySpace in terms of most visits in the UK.

Remember MySpace? The overhyped media sweetheart before Twitter and Facebook? Hitwise UK reports that Twitter is now the 27th most visited website in the UK. This is a complete, stunning, and utter defeat to MySpace, coming in at a distant 28th ;) . However, the traffic trends over time look pretty alarming:

myspaceHowever, Twitter is not the most popular social site in the UK. That honor belongs to the reigning champ, Facebook. YouTube was #2, Bebo came in at #3, and then Twitter and MySpace.