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Yahoo Makes Advertising Easier, but Can It Make It Better?

Yahoo AdvertisingTaking a hiatus from her recent spending spree, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer used her CES platform to announce a rebranding of Yahoo’s various advertising products.

The new “Yahoo Advertising” brand has already won me over by not insisting we call it “Yahoo! Advertising”–boy those exclamation marks get old. As part of the rebrand, Yahoo is bringing together all of its advertising platforms under one umbrella–although it appears not all umbrellas will be the same.

First we have…

These new native and display ads are now available to large and small advertisers through a new simplified platform, Yahoo Ad Manager. Yahoo Ad Manager gives advertisers direct, hands-on access to Yahoo’s advertising products. Yahoo Stream Ads, Yahoo Image Ads and Tumblr Sponsored Posts powered by Yahoo Advertising are available today through a simple user interface that helps advertisers get ads online in a matter of minutes, with insights and analytics built in.

Twitter CEO’s ‘Truckload of money’ Comment Brings Back Memories

Yesterday, the LA Times published an interview that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo did with the newspaper. Apparently, Twitter wants to insert itself into the news cycle as of late as they add new mobile features and take advantage of what is an otherwise slow time of year for Internet news.

What was great about the interview for us here at Marketing Pilgrim was the memories it brought back of one of our favorite Internet characters of all time, former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. Remember Carol? The brash, potty mouthed CEO of the listing ship Yahoo, made a remark that a Yahoo and Microsoft search deal with have to come with “boatloads of money”? She was panned for the statement and rightfully so. She even backed off it eventually which was saying something considering her general demeanor in the public eye.

Time Spent On Yahoo Sites Declining

Boy it’s a good thing Yahoo picked up content chop shop Associated Content to make that ‘great’ content to keep visitors around its sites. Apparently there is less time being spent on Yahoo sites than ever. Here is a chart compiled by Citi analyst Mark Mahaney and shared with us from Business Insider SAI.

One question I have is what sites are included in the Google calculation because YouTube could go a long way toward goosing their number of total minutes spent on a Google site.

The chart also shows just how influential Facebook has become in a relatively short period of time. No surprise there but the next question is will it keep growing and surpass Google?

Bing Powered Search Continues to Chip Away at Google’s Search Dominance

It’s that time of the month again! It’s the time where we prognosticate about the future of the search world and act as if we can tell what is going on in the minds of all searchers all around the globe.

To summarize: Google is still the leader by far. Take a look at the chart below from Experian Hitwise.

Congrats to the Bing powered search team. There has been upward movement since last August with share going from 24.56% to the current 28.99%. That’s impressive on many levels. What is interesting though is that in order for Bing to be considered the real contender it has to pass its kissing search cousin Yahoo in the race and it hasn’t even gotten there yet.

Google Claims Greater Security for Android Market

Maybe 2012 will be the Year of Online Security? There seems to be some talk about it these days and that is a good thing. We like to get excited talking about all the latest ways to communicate and the gadgets that enable that communication. We are all about getting the message across and finding out who did what and why online.

As marketers that is perfectly acceptable and good. It’s our job. An increasing part of that job, however, is the responsibility of ensuring the relative safety of our businesses in the online space. That seems to be more precarious than ever especially with the extensive movement into the mobile space.

Honest to Goodness, Yahoo Is Still In the Search Game

I can’t remember the last time I had a chance to write a little something about Yahoo that didn’t involve the word boatloads, layoffs or a product’s demise.

Today, Yahoo has announced (hold on to your hats) a search improvement called Yahoo Search Direct. Ok, cue the cool video to behold this strange wonder called a Yahoo search announcement.

I took the beta which can be found at out for a spin and it’s nifty in that it is a different search experience. Is it a better one? We’ll see.

It worked well on direct terms and more widely searched terms. Where is falls down a bit is at the local search level but that may be something that will evolve with time.

Yahoo and Search and Unanswered Questions

The fate of Yahoo search as we know it is still in limbo for sure. As the world waits with bated breath for the final look of the Microhoo search engine and the boatloads of opportunities it is supposedly going to afford the world at large, there are still many more questions than answers around the future of Yahoo search. Yahoo is attempting to start to shift the focus a bit by telling the world its new search story.

The SF Chronicle reports

Yahoo Inc. stresses that it’s still in the online search business, but a series of papers and presentations the company is unveiling at a major conference this week underscore how navigating the Web has less to do with the search box and blue links we know so well.