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Linky Goodness, September 30

There’s always something bittersweet about the last linky goodness of the month, don’t you think?

Too Late, Google Android; Late Too!

The WSJ is reporting Google’s Android–aka Gphone–is likely to miss its target launch date and instead will not be ready until the fourth quarter.

It’s tough enough developing an entirely new mobile platform, but when you rely on others to actually build the thing, you have one big headache on your hands.

…some cellular carriers and makers of programs that work with Android are struggling to meet that schedule, people familiar with the situation say.

T-Mobile USA expects to deliver an Android-powered phone in the fourth period. But that launch is taking up so much of Google’s attention and resources that Sprint Nextel Corp., which had hoped to launch an Android phone this year, won’t be able to, a person familiar with the matter said.

All Your Phone Are Belong to Google: iPhone Ads and G1s Coming

As Andy mentioned this morning, the G1 Gphone sold out, but for a lot more units than we initially thought. Instead of half a million this quarter, apparently, they sold 1.5M in the presell alone. Previous reports said that the order from the manufacturer, HTC, was for 1.5 to 2 million phones. The G1s are slated to arrive next Wednesday.

Of course, the G1 isn’t the only way Google is taking over your phones. They’re also gearing up ads specifically for the iPhone, according to AdWeek. Yep, soon, all your phone be belong to Google (see, I had to say “be” because it’s not present tense, it’s future tense).

The new iPhone ads will be AdSense ads targeted specifically to searches made from iPhones. Google had not yet confirmed the change, but AdWeek says the change will be implemented soon:

Linky Goodness, October 28

All right!! The tremors can stop, we’re back to the regularly scheduled LG that we all know and love!

It’s Coming: the Google Chrome OS Netbook

chrome os netbook from techcrunchLast month, there was a minor furor over Google’s Chrome OS. The rumors were flying that it was about to “launch” and you could run it on a netbook before Thanksgiving. Of course, that wasn’t quite the case—as Google had promised all along, it was merely opening its code to developers to prepare for the eventual full launch. (Of course, if you really wanted it, you could always run the code through a compiler—and cross your fingers.)

Well, that full launch is still coming. Google’s original timeline set devices coming out in the second half of 2010. According to TechCrunch, a Google-branded device might be ready for the holiday season of 2010—right on schedule.

It’s Official: Google Heads Open Source Initiative for Phones

As anticipated, Google has announced their mobile phone strategy. As if Google needed another reason to boost its stock price, today the company announced how they are releasing phones with Google software as soon as the second part of next year. They are partnering with 34 companies to build an open platform to develop software for cell phones.

Google is moving towards open source development by announcing OpenSocial last week and now and a similar model to encourage innovation in the mobile phone industry. Rather than making their own phone – the rumored gPhone – they are forming partnerships. The platform is Android after a company that Google acquired a few years ago – and here’s a YouTube video from its creators.

Pilgrim’s Picks, October 22

I know what you’re thinking (for it is also in my mind): Andy, come back. We miss linky goodness!