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Facebook Sends More News Traffic than Google News

Last week, Facebook posted instructions on how to make FB your “personalized news channel” and minimize nonnewsworthy clutter on their blog. Inspired, Hitwise looked at the numbers, and it looks like Facebook is already well on its way as a news starting point.

Hitwise’s stats show that Facebook is well ahead of some other news aggregators in terms of sending downstream traffic to news websites:

After Google (17.32%), Yahoo (7.89%) and msn (4.43%), Facebook was the fourth most popular referrer for news websites. Says Hitwise:

News and Media is the #11 downstream industry after Facebook, receiving 3.69% of the social networking site’s traffic. To offer a comparison, 6% of downstream traffic from Facebook went to Shopping and Classifieds last week [check out their downstream retail traffic] and 6% to Business and Finance and 15% went to Entertainment websites (YouTube in particular).

‘Facebook’ Takes Top Honors as the Most Searched Term in 2011

Our obsession with Facebook drove the word to be the most searched term in 2011. Take that Justin Bieber! The mini-crooner came in 92, but he did top the list of “most searched celebs.”

All these fun facts are coming to us from Experian Hitwise and we’ve got even more! Memorize a few and use them to astound your friends and family at the holiday dinner table.

Online Rules!

It’s probably no coincidence that the top 10 most-searched terms are all internet destinations. YouTube, Craigslist (one of my personal favorites), Ebay and the like. I was initially perplexed by why people would search “” when they could just put it in the address bar. Then I remembered watching my husband navigate to Facebook and that’s what he does – he types the term in the Google search then uses the link to access the site. I’ve tried to tell him that’s the long way around but you know. . . dogs and tricks.

Twitter Yields Clicks for Entertainment, Big Bucks for Music

Two recent reports illustrate the power of Twitter in two important metrics—driving visits and purchasing power. Hitwise analyzes overall downstream traffic for Twitter, while NPD Group takes a look at downstream purchases generated by Twitter.

Hitwise took a look at the most popular categories of downstream traffic for Twitter, comparing them with Facebook, Google UK and Hotmail. Nearly a quarter of Twitter’s downstream traffic goes to entertainment sites, and another ~15% went to social networks:
Source: Hitwise

Interestingly, Twitter also leads in downstream traffic to news & media sites, lifestyle sites and music sites—and, taken with a new study from NPD Group, that’s good news for the music industry. As Reuters reports:

Super Bowl Ad Searches Less Brand Specific

One of the hopes of anyone who paid the money to advertise on this year’s Super Bowl (or any year for that matter) is to generate sales and web traffic. In addition, it would be nice result if the number of searches for your brand went up as well. Based on some research by Hitwise, I suspect that the retention rate for Bud Light commercials run during the game goes down as the consumption rate of Bud Light during the game goes up but that’s my informal theory.

It appears that in the week following a Super Bowl people seem to need a little reminder (or some kind of aggregation) of what ads were run during the big game. Hitwise ran some numbers on searches for Super Bowl ads for the week ending February 13 to see what the search landscape looked like and it was not exactly brand specific.

Twitter Mania Takes Hold in the UK

By Peter Young

According to Hitwise data released on January 21st this year, Twitter usage in the UK has increased 10 fold in just 12 months – with celebrities such as Steven Fry, Jonathan Ross, John Cleese and Richard Branson even joining the ever increasing list of Twitterers. This follows hot on the heels of Hitwise announcing Twitter usage has overtaken that off Digg in the US.

Most Wanted: Brands

Not only does MySpace win in the London Business School’s War Games, but they win in the real world. At least according to Hitwise’s latest data on branded search terms.

Hitwise reports (via MediaPost) that the top 10 searched-for branded keywords from 2006 were (spelling from Hitwise):

  1. myspace
  2. ebay
  3. yahoo
  4. mapquest
  5. craigslist
  6. walmart
  7. google
  8. target
  10. bank of america

What does this tell us? (Aside from the fact that people are too lazy to use the address bar.) I find it interesting that Yahoo is third and Google is seventh. Is this indicative of their market share? (I hope that it indicates that more people realize they’re using a Google search box.)

Google Market Share Up (Again)

Hitwise released their April 2007 search engine market share numbers today—and, surprise, surprise, Google is still way out in front, climbing just over a percentage point over March’s numbers. Google’s latest piece of the pie: 65.26% to Yahoo’s 20.73%, MSN’s 8.46% and Ask’s 3.69%. Take a look:

source: Hitwise

Look, Mom, that purple PacMan is going to eat all the other pieces!

Google is not the only SE to gain over March’s numbers; Ask’s share increased 0.21 percentage points over March. Yahoo declined by half a percentage point and MSN/Live declined by over 2/3 of a percentage point. Tiny changes, yes, but I’ll bet Yahoo and MSN/Live hope they’re not indicative of a larger trend.