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New iPhone OS Brings Privacy Updates

If you are a big player in the Internet space these days you will be brought into the spotlight for anything around privacy. You can be confident of that. With Apple getting plenty of attention with a new iPhone OS release (iOS 4) and the latest generation iPhone 4 about to hit the hands of those pre-order folks (keep your fingers crossed!) there is also talk about the new privacy policy that comes wit these changes.

All Things Digital reports

Apple is rolling out its new iPhone operating system, which means that it is also rolling out its new iAd platform. Which means that Apple now has to make its users the same offer that other big digital ad players offer: You can opt-out of our ad targeting program, if you’re willing to do a little work.

Google’s AdSense Splits No Longer a ‘Secret’

For years Google has kept the splits it gives its AdSense publishers those using Google search services on their sites. It has successfully avoided this revelation but some recent pressure from Italy has created the environment where Google pretty much has to give the info in order to help its cause.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Google Inc. revealed how it splits advertising revenue with search and content publishers, a move made in response to calls from publishers and regulators for greater transparency.

The Internet company said in a blog post Monday that it pays publishers 68% of the revenue Google collects from advertisers for content ads that appear on the publishers’ sites. Google said it pays publishers 51% of revenue for search ads.

Eric Schmidt Hints at Google Tablet during LA Party

According to an article in the New York Times, Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently hinted to friends at an LA party that Google is working on their own tablet running the Android operating system.

With the relatively slow adoption rate of the Google phone Nexus One, one has to wonder why Google would want to venture into producing its own hardware again. Of course the tablet market and the phone market are two different creatures so perhaps the challenges Google is facing in getting people to give up their iPhones won’t be as pronounced with the tablet.

From a marketing perspective this could be very interesting. Mobile advertising is still in its infancy and who will control this lucrative advertising sector is still unclear. Apple’s new ad network iAd is poised to be the 800 pound gorilla and with iPhone penetration at all time highs and iPad sales through the roof, Apple may win by default.

FTC Makes Difficult Decision to Clear Google-AdMob Deal

In what was deemed a ‘difficult decision’ the FTC has let Google clear the regulatory hurdle needed to OK the purchase of AdMob. One of the unlikely thank you notes that Google can send out in getting this decision is to Apple since the FTC their acquisition of Quattro Wireless and the introduction of iAd as two factors that exhibited sufficient competition to Google in this space.

MediaPost reports

While the commission said in its closing letter that the deal required “close scrutiny,” the FTC ultimately found that Apple’s entry into the market offers “reason to believe that Apple quickly will become a strong mobile advertising network competitor.”

The letter states: “AdMob’s success to date on the iPhone platform is unlikely to be an accurate predictor of AdMob’s competitive significance going forward, whether AdMob is owned by Google or not.”

Apple’s iAds Bring Advertising to iPhone Applications

As heavily rumored, Apple’s Steve Jobs just announced an advertising platform for iPhone applications.

Dubbed “iAd” the new ads are designed to integrate with iPhone/iPad apps, meaning the user is exposed to the ads within the app–they’re not taken to some web page to view the content.

Apple plans to host and sell the ads, and will give the developer 60% of the collected revenues.

The ads will be interactive, take advantage of video, and allow developers to create free apps and monetize them with the ads.

iAds are not live yet, but Jobs showed-off one they created as a demo for Disney’s Toy Story:

No news yet on who creates the ads or how they are purchased. We’ll update as we learn more.