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Yahoo Plans New Name and Features for MyBlogLog

When MyBlogLog first launched, the service brought promises of connecting blogging communities, and cool tools to make our blogs more visitor-friendly.

Unfortunately, MBL was a victim of its own success, growing so fast that it became subjected to spam and server-lag. I for one, lost interest due to slow loading plugins and management faux-pas.

Since Yahoo acquired the service, we’ve heard promises of new features and faster servers, but not much has materialized thus far. Now comes word via David Dalka, that Yahoo is planning a series of upgrades including:

  • Re-branding the service. No new name yet, but as MBL is still relatively confined to early-adopters, they would be wise to make use of the Yahoo name somehow. Perhaps, Yahoo Blog Communities?
  • A new site design.

MyBlogLog Reacts to Boycott, Reinstates Shoemoney

UPDATE: Eric at MyBlogLog has posted about as close as you get to an apology to Shoemoney and reinstated his profile. Clearly the number of bloggers revolting against MBL caused the team to re-think their action. I’m happy to see Shoemoney back on MBL and, in response, will add back to Marketing Pilgrim the code that allows you to see your image on comments. I’m also logging back into MBL, so you’ll see my face popping up on your blog again. :-)

I still think MBL has some work to do to improve the service, but at least they’re working on it. My advice, create an advisory board of bloggers – not just the influential ones – and get their input on everything from tracking to features, to flaws. Anyway, nice move Eric.

Spammers Force MyBlogLog to Update Features

I feel bad for the guys at MyBlogLog. Ever since being acquired by Yahoo, they’ve not exactly had a comfy ride. Things escalated this weekend, with reports that spammers had found an exploit that allowed them to add themselves as “co-authors” on as many communities as they wished.

Saturday evening, a member discovered an exploit where you could send someone a request to join their community as a co-author and then automatically approve the request.  In other words, someone (dare I call them a jackass) could force you to be a co-author of their community.  I have no idea why they would do this, other than a negligible bump in marketing, but who ever said jackasses made sense?

Another MyBlogLog Hack?

Just when MyBlogLog plugs the hole on one exploit, Jeremy Schoemaker finds another one.

Want to browse other blogs as Scott Rafer, Jason Calacanis or Jeremy Zawodney? Head over to Shoemoney to learn how, before MBL makes the fix.

On one hand it’s funny, on the other hand it’s somewhat concerning that MBL has so many “easter egg” vulnerabilities.

UPDATE: And it’s fixed. Those guys work fast!

MyBlogLog Zune/iPod Winner Is….

** Congratulations to Rhea, who was chosen at random to win her choice of either a Zune or iPod. Rhea, please email me for details on your prize and thanks to all that entered! **

…going to be announced at 4pm EDT today.

We’ve already picked our random winner and I’ll post that person’s name and MyBlogLog profile on this post at 4pm today.

MyBlogLog Background and Feature Requests

MyBlogLog is certainly the talk of the blogosphere these days. Readers know that I’m a big fan of the service – even though I can’t wait for their move to faster servers – and the company continues to add new users every day.

Lee Odden had a chance to ask Scott Rafer a few questions. Not too much info – Scott’s a busy man – but we do learn that they have over 50k users and growing by 2% each day.

Meanwhile, Shoemoney, has a list of ten features he’d like to see added to the service. If they’re open to suggestions, here’s mine:

  1. I love that the MBL avatar is added to comments, but if a commenter is not a MBL member, I show a small question mark. Maybe let me control what is shown instead, or at least display an invite to the commenter, to join my community.

Removing MyBlogLog Widget – Too Slow Today

Just an FYI, the MyBlogLog widget is not loading well today and is causing extremely slow page load times. I’ve removed it from the page, until they fix the issue.

If anyone from MBL or Yahoo wants to leave a comment once it’s fixed, I’ll gladly add it back.

In the meantime, anyone else noticed the slowdown today?

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric for stopping by and explaining the lag was due to a server issue. All is well again, so I’ve put back the widget.