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Linky Goodness, January 30

This Linky Goodness is near and dear to my heart, most especially because . . . it’s Wednesday.

Linky Goodness, March 28

Let’s send you out on your weekend on a high note: linky goodness. You’re happier already, aren’t you?

  • Facebook’s latest threat: Twitter. They’re totally killing Facebook on the freshness factor.
  • It’s legal in Australia: Facebook friends aren’t your friends. (Actually, the case was more about whether trying to friend an ex constituted harassment, but then the judge kept talking. Happens all over, I guess.)
  • Up till last week, online classifieds site craigslist was only available in English and Spanish. Now they’ve added Brazilian Portuguese, French (Parisian and Quebecoise), Italian and German. Next up: Basque and . . . Klingon. (via)
  • MySpace China finally gets a Chinese name: Juyou. It means ‘getting friends together.’

Linky Goodness, February 18

Maybe I just had a nice long weekend, but it feels like a looooong time since we’ve had our linky goodness.

Linky Goodness, January 22

Have you had your linky goodness today?

Linky Goodness, February 21

I don’t know about you, but after the last two days of linky gooey goodness, I’m ready for a diet. But that doesn’t mean skimping on the links!

Linky Goodness, March 5

Well, I don’t want anyone to get the shakes today (especially not Andy!), so I’d better get some Linky Goodness going.

I heard your collective sigh of relief. (It was relief, right?)

Linky Goodness, April 4

Here’s some linky goodness to see you off into the weekend!