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Microhoo Cares Already!

MicrohooJust so you are prepared, this post is entirely speculation and conjecture based on my following the Microsoft and Yahoo “drama” that has been unfolding over the past century or so. As you may guess from the title, I have had enough. Either make it happen or don’t. Put us out of our misery here.

Think about it. If it takes this long for these two entities to figure out if they can tolerate each other then what will it look like when they live together for real? This whole thing is starting to feel like a marriage that everyone mutters under his or her breath, “I give this one 2 miserable years max”. Couple that general feeling with what is probably a remarkably complex corporate prenuptial agreement and you have a recipe for cordial roommates at best and a complete train wreck at worst.

Razorfish on the Razor’s Edge?

RazorfishMicrosoft’s interactive agency Razorfish is the subject of some varying rumors as of late. The one common thread in all of these reports is that Microsoft is shopping the company. That much we know for sure. Where they end up is the subject of much speculation.

In the Internet marketing press it depends on who you listen to and / or trust that will help you make your very own prediction. Publicis ending up with Razorfish has been favored by the folks at paidContent and they were willing to pay handsomely for the company although not quite the $800 million that it was supposed to merit. That may not be the case any longer. WPP is in the game as well but that is another that falls under the category of “to be determined”

Yahoo Had Some Results Too, You Know

yahoo-logoWhile everyone was busy admiring the performance of Apple during the second quarter of this year, other companies were trying to do some business as well. Among those was Yahoo. While Apple seems to trip over good news Yahoo has to work hard to keep itself out of the news for the wrong reasons. Yesterday it reported its Q2 numbers and the folks over at ZDNet filled the world in on some better than expected results

The company reported second quarter net income of $141.4 million, or 10 cents a share, on revenue excluding traffic acquisition costs of $1.14 billion. Wall Street was expecting Yahoo to report earnings of 8 cents a share on revenue of $1.14 billion. Non-GAAP second quarter earnings were 16 cents a share, on par with expectations (statement). In the same quarter a year ago, Yahoo reported earnings of 9 cents a share on revenue of $1.34 billion.

Yahoo’s Bartz Continues Microsoft “Love / Hate Tour ’09”

yahoo-logoLast week Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had plenty to say about what it would take for Microsoft and Yahoo to strike some kind of search deal. The exact phrasing was “boatloads of cash”. Oh and along the way she dropped a masterful “F you” to her interviewer, Kara Swisher, which you will find either entertaining or ridiculously over the top, depending on your point of view. At least she got a good laugh [edited to remove an error].

So now she is talking more about Microsoft at the Bank of America U.S. Technology Conference today. Her discussion is hot on the heels of the coming out party of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. So how do think she played it? Here are some tidbits

Newspapers Schmew-papers – Stop Complaining and Get Onbaord!

I have written about newspapers here in the past and how they are rapidly heading toward obsolescence (in their current state at least). I am not changing my stance one bit because I still think it’s hard to ignore the signs and signals that it is a dying industry unless it truly adapts to the internet. To this point there have been successes but it appears as if the major players with the deep pockets are the ones that will brave the storm best. As for the local stuff? It’s anyone’s guess. I personally never visit the website of the Raleigh News and Observer which is the local paper here. What’s the point? It really adds no value so I am not going to waste my time. Well, now it appears that the fear of the big, mean Google / Yahoo! proposed partnership “monster” is making newspapers around the world unite and look even more pitiful than they already do.

Apps – solutely: Downloads to Triple for Smartphones by 2014

Crystal BallBreak out the Friday Crystal Ball as we take a look into the future of the mobile world. We are traveling across time and space and we see smartphones, boatloads of smartphones (Carol Bartz rocks!), and the number of apps that are downloaded look like they have grown by three times the amount of today’s numbers. Ok, so come on back to the present and find that because the number of apps downloaded in the future are triple of that today then the folks at Frost & Sullivan as reported by the Internet News were right with their predictions. Nice work!

Yahoo of Arabia

yahoo-logoWell, no one can accuse Yahoo of sitting back and waiting for the Microhoo deal to get underway. Instead the soon to be social media destination (or is it already, I can’t tell) is increasing its reach and social media footprint into the Arabic world with the purchase of Arabic social media site Maktoob.

You’ve never heard of Maktoob? Unless you are part of the Arabic world it is not likely that you would have. In fact, most in the region admit that this entire area is still in its infancy with regard to the level of Internet penetration.  The Maktoob business site tells us

Yahoo! has agreed to acquire, the Arab world’s largest online community, marking the first major investment by a U.S. technology company in a region where internet penetration is still in its infancy.