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Google and Twitter Just Can’t Agree on Search Deal

In July, Google’s arrangement with Twitter to index all tweets, make them searchable in realtime and have a REAL historical search database of tweets that goes back further than the recent past (a trick that Twitter itself can’t seem to figure out) came to an end. It was a blow to both parties because Google lost a valuable piece of the social graph for its index which limits its abilities to take real social cues for search results and Twitter lost 65% of the US search market and even larger chunks of that market internationally.

Now some would say that Twitter should be fine because it still has an arrangement with Bing and Yahoo to do the same with its search results. That sounds nice but it’s the same as saying rather than drinking Coca-Cola you are only allowed to drink the grocery store version of a cola instead. Sure, you can say its cola but it ain’t the real thing.

Twitter Reports 200 Million Accounts. So What?

Twitter is an interesting character in the social media space. It is rock solid in its position because there is no other service that is just like or has grown to the ‘importance’ it currently has (or is perceived to have).

Where one can get confuzzled is in pinning down just how influential and widespread the actual use of Twitter is. On Tuesday, it was announced that they have entered into their seventh language for the service (Korean and most will need Google Translate to read it) and that international growth is moving right along. Twitter also has some new stats for the service as Forbes’ Oliver Chiang reports

Twitter Plans to Squash Google’s Spider?

Twitter is always making news. Now they are putting together a robust search service that may help them get that news out faster and more spider-killerefficiently than Google itself. Rafe Needleman over at cnet put together a report shortly after speaking directly to Twitter’s new VP of Operations, Santosh Jayaram, who was VP of Search Quality for Google until recently (remember the talk about Googlers leaving the mothership?). The ‘leak’ of Twitter’s new search plans leaves plenty of room for speculation so let’s go!

Needleman writes

Speaking (with LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue) on a panel I was moderating, and later in a one-on-one discussion, Jayaram confirmed that Twitter Search, which currently searches only the text of Twitter posts, will soon begin to crawl the links included in tweets and begin to index the content of those pages.

Twitter Toys Galore

Even if you don’t know who Michael D. Jensen is, chances are if you use Twitter you know of one of his apps.

For the last months Jensen has become one of the premier Twitter App developers, creating applications that utilize the Twitter API in fresh and creative ways.

According to Jensen it began with a Tweet from Lee Odden:

@mdjensen some of these tools remind me of what you made for MyBlogLog. Any chance you’ll get into the Twitter tools game?

And from there he has had the Twitter application development fever.

TweetBeep – Launched May 6, 2008

Twitter Needs Your Help to Make Money

There’s a new Viewpoint column about Twitter, over at BusinessWeek. Before I go on, it’s important to note that Viewpoint’s are guest columns, not written by normal BusinessWeek staffers.

Anyway, "The Trouble with Twitter" takes an in-depth look at the money woes at Twitter, in particular its lack of business model. Now, when I say "in-depth," I mean it. In fact, you can safely skip the entire first page–unless you enjoy a little fluff with your morning coffee.

The second page gets to the meat, and has a pretty good analysis of the different types of monetization models Twitter could consider. I’ll summarize the suggested business models:

  • Twitter could ask users to pay
  • Twitter could get messages to pay
  • Twitter could extract money from user data

The Search Engine Known as Twitter

By Trisha Lyn Fawver

As usual, TechCrunch has got us thinking about things in a different light.  One of my favorite social media applications, Twitter, has been getting more exposure in the mainstream lately, and with that more people are questioning what they can use Twitter for.  Some see the micro-blogging service as just another distraction, or instant messaging on speed.  Much to my chagrin, many marketers are seeing Twitter as just another publishing platform to push ads.  And still some are seeing it for what it is: a valuable tool.

And what it’s becoming: a search engine.

Twitter Co-Founder Admits ‘Screwing Up’ With Developers

While I tend to find some of the applications that people use Twitter for annoying as they serve the self-serving side of human nature, I am learning to appreciate their co-founder Ev Williams.

Why? Well, amidst the bluster of the Internet industry he is one of the few industry leaders who appears to be comfortable in his own skin and who comes off as genuine. That is saying something when most people in the Internet space have a snakeoil salesman like quality or they seem so uncomfortable doing what they do that it is painful to watch.