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Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter

Trust me, I would have not used that headline if it had not been provided for the post by none other than Twitter itself.

In its continuing quest to carve out its place in the social media landscape the folks at Twitter are announcing that essentially the mantra is (as far as branding goes) that “bird, bird, bird is the word!” (see video at the end for a chuckle or two).

The Twitter blog posted

Over the past six years, the world has become familiar with a little blue bird. The bird is everywhere, constantly associated with Twitter the service, and Twitter the company.

Is Twitter a hot spot or burning out? Depends who you ask

Twitter branded mentionsTwitter has a new study called “Discovering the Value of Earned Audiences — How Twitter Expressions Activate Consumers”. It’s proof that Twitter is great for branding and that it even pushes people to take action in regard to the brands they see.

They collected data by examining the primetime Tweets of 12,000 people – both male and female across all age groups and devices. An excellent sample.

The first thing they found out was that 80% of users mentioned a brand at least once during the measurement period. Nice. Oh wait, the measurement period was September 2013 through March 2014. That 80% doesn’t sound quite so good now.

50% of the Tweeters mentioned a brand more than 15 times in that 7-month period. 99% of Twitter users were “exposed” to a brand Tweet in January.

Twitter Opens Advertising Opps to the Masses

For quite a while now everyone and their brother has been lobbing the “when are you going to really monetize Twitter” bombs into the micro-blogging giant’s front yard. It’s a popular thing to do but as of late that cry has lost a little steam (in part due to having real business people like Dick Costolo at the helm) and the latest move by Twitter could put a dent in one of the Internet industry’s favorite pastimes for sure.

The Next Web first reported the new Twitter for Business section and reported

The new version of will provide business owners with twitter success stores, ideas, tips, tools and resources. Some of the tools included are information on promoted products and tutorials one how to communicate with customers using mobile.

Twitter, Iran and Reality One Year Later

As marketers and just people in general, we depend on statistics and analysis to understand the world around us. We also depend heavily on observation, opinion and perceived expertise of others. We have many different ways to take in information and data about the world around us including social media, which has its pros and cons. The major pro is that we can know have a view of many things that we could never have had before while the biggest con is just that: we can be easily conned.

Twitter Needs Your Help to Make Money

There’s a new Viewpoint column about Twitter, over at BusinessWeek. Before I go on, it’s important to note that Viewpoint’s are guest columns, not written by normal BusinessWeek staffers.

Anyway, "The Trouble with Twitter" takes an in-depth look at the money woes at Twitter, in particular its lack of business model. Now, when I say "in-depth," I mean it. In fact, you can safely skip the entire first page–unless you enjoy a little fluff with your morning coffee.

The second page gets to the meat, and has a pretty good analysis of the different types of monetization models Twitter could consider. I’ll summarize the suggested business models:

  • Twitter could ask users to pay
  • Twitter could get messages to pay
  • Twitter could extract money from user data

Twitter Toys Galore

Even if you don’t know who Michael D. Jensen is, chances are if you use Twitter you know of one of his apps.

For the last months Jensen has become one of the premier Twitter App developers, creating applications that utilize the Twitter API in fresh and creative ways.

According to Jensen it began with a Tweet from Lee Odden:

@mdjensen some of these tools remind me of what you made for MyBlogLog. Any chance you’ll get into the Twitter tools game?

And from there he has had the Twitter application development fever.

TweetBeep – Launched May 6, 2008

The Search Engine Known as Twitter

By Trisha Lyn Fawver

As usual, TechCrunch has got us thinking about things in a different light.  One of my favorite social media applications, Twitter, has been getting more exposure in the mainstream lately, and with that more people are questioning what they can use Twitter for.  Some see the micro-blogging service as just another distraction, or instant messaging on speed.  Much to my chagrin, many marketers are seeing Twitter as just another publishing platform to push ads.  And still some are seeing it for what it is: a valuable tool.

And what it’s becoming: a search engine.