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Why Yahoo is Like a Box of Chocolates

Quite simply? You never know what you’re going to get with Yahoo these days.

Yesterday, the search engine web portal tried to jump on the Google interface redesign with a pitiful attempt to point out all the cool features it has in common with the new design. Unfortunately, Yahoo gave up on search when it handed the keys over to Microsoft, so no one really cares what it does in search anymore.

Then today, Yahoo launches a new ad blitz–aimed at distancing itself from the blandness of Google. Really, Yahoo? Either you’re in the game or not. As the famous Yoda once said: “Do, or do not, there is no try!”

Anyway, back to the new ad campaign. Apparently Yahoo plans to spend boatloads of cash on promoting its new slogan: “Your favorite stuff all in one place. Make Yahoo your home page.”

Yahoo Buys Associated Content and $5 Per Article ‘Journalists’ Celebrate

It looks like Carol Bartz has decided that the way for Yahoo to survive is to add to the proliferation of content that is being produced for the sole purpose of garnering search traffic. That ‘content’ is often just glorified keyword wrappers that do little to actually help a reader but plenty to sucker them into an advertising trap. Oh happy day. The deal for Yahoo to purchase the content factory Associated Content was reported yesterday and is said to be for $100 million. Just imagine how many $5 dollar articles can be sourced with that kind of money!

Associated Content is well-known for its producing content on the cheap. Some might even say it is infamous for its concern for high quality ‘reporting’. Advertising Age reports

iPhone Blogger Intrigue Results In Search Warrant

In case you haven’t heard there are a few stories flying around about just how shielded bloggers are with regard to sources and protection afforded other journalists under the law. Yesterday we talked about one instance in New Jersey. Today we move cross country to the home of all things tech and watch as Gawker Media’s Gizmodo editor, Jason Chen, becomes the center of a legal and ethical conundrum of sorts.

The New York Times reports

Gawker Media said Monday that computers belonging to one of its editors, Jason Chen, were seized from his home on Friday in an apparent investigation into the sale of a next-generation Apple iPhone. Gawker suggested the action violated California’s shield law for journalists.

Google Local Business Center Now Google Places

In what is largely just a name change with a few new twists, Google has changed its Local Business Center to Google Places. It makes sense considering that an actual business listing in the Local Business Center was called a place page then why not clean things up a little, right?

Search Engine Land Reports

Google has decided to change the name of what was called the “Google Local Business Center” to “Google Places.” The rationale, according to the press release, is to better connect Google Place Pages with the place where local business information is claimed, entered and enhanced:

Why? Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real world, and we want to better connect Place Pages – the way that businesses are being found today – with the tool that enables business owners to manage their presence on Google.

50% of Marketers Shifting Funds From Traditional to Online; Social “Top Priority”

We already know that 84% of marketers plan to shift some of their direct marketing budgets to social media. Now, a new report from the Society of Digital Agencies suggests that 50% of marketers will shift budgets from traditional to online media.

Not only that, but the highest priority for this newly allocated budget is social networks:

Now, before all of your social media experts pee your pants with excitement, consider this. While social networking is the top priority, that doesn’t mean that companies expert to spend boatloads on it. In fact, according to this chart, social networking is #4 on the pecking order:

Yahoo Looks to “Create Central Hub for People’s Online Lives”

The headline comes directly from Yahoo’s Yodel Anecdotal blog. Sounds ambitious and it is. The cornerstone of this effort is the full integration of Facebook into Yahoo’s social “system”. The announcement of this update is the biggest change to come from Yahoo after making an agreement with Facebook back in December of 2009. Here is a look at what you can expect when you turn on this feature in Yahoo.

Yahoo says

Social networks have seen explosive growth in recent years. As the place that 600 million people visit every month, Yahoo! is in a unique position to bring together different social experiences from across the Web to a single place. This vision has been our guiding principle since we kicked off our Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) initiative in 2008 and started to rewire Yahoo! to be more open and social.