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Linky Goodness, October 2

It’s our half birthday today. No, not Marketing Pilgrim’s—mine and Andy’s. Oh, come now, don’t tell me you forgot that we have the same birthday. You did? Oh, for shame. First you forgot the Marketing Pilgrim blog birthday, and now the Pilgrims’? Ouch.

Well, as we try to find room in our hearts to forgive you, why do you go peruse some of the news of the day, okay?

Linky Goodness, August 29

I know you guys missed it, so linky goodness is back!

Linky Goodness, November 8

Now, we can’t guarantee success, but we do know what LINKY GoODNESS stands for, don’t we?

Linky Goodness, November 9

Today’s Linky Goodness goes well with the Radiohead story of the day: it’s the naysayers edition.

We can’t possibly go to the weekend on that note, so share something funny in the comments. Okay?

Linky Goodness, April 10

Um . . . anybody know any good (clean) jokes?

Oh, look, it’s LINKY GOODNESS! Aren’t you glad we’re saved from another five minutes of uncomfortable conversation?

  • Is the world ready for Online Video Ads? eMarketer thinks online video ads are ready for the world, at least (available for a limited time).
  • A study last year (abstract) indicates that 80% of searches are informational, 10% are navigational and 10% are transactional (with 74% accuracy). Now you have the numbers to back up your suspicions! (via)
  • Google’s upcoming new feature: “Previous Query” Refinement
  • Once again, numbers to back up your suspicions: US Internet Behavior Signals Election Fatigue. (Not in the US? Imagine how tired you are of hearing about the latest Microsoft/Yahoo/WHOEVER deal and multiply that by seven.)

Linky Goodness, December 3

It’s the first Linky Goodness of the last month of the year! And . . . everyone’s off at conferences, aren’t you. Perfect: for your quick reference, I present:

Linky Goodness, November 28

It’s just a good month for linky goodness. May as well keep a good thing going!

“Now go take on the day.” Or the evening.