Testimonials and Endorsements for Andy Beal

“Big thanks to Andy…I am pleased to tell you that Andy Beal not only earned his keep during his visit, he earned it within the first hour of his arrival…I haven’t been this excited about our company’s potential in a long time.” Rand and Gillian, SEOMoz.org

“Andy Beal is one of the Web’s leading search experts — dare I call him a pundit? He is always out ahead of the market in his understanding of search trends. I read Marketing Pilgrim through my Bloglines reader all the time, and have referred him many clients.”Jim Lanzone, CEO, Ask.com

“Within the first hour together Andy had earned his daily fee in advice and tips to me, and the rest of his time was sheer “profit” for me…if you’re seeking SEM consulting or SEM business consulting, Andy’s certainly well worth his costs in what he can deliver in knowledge and advice.”
Jim Boykin, CEO, We Build Pages

“With Marketing Pilgrim, Andy Beal set the standard–illustrating and documenting the use of web-based marketing techniques that have a significant impact on the bottom line.” David L. Sifry, Founder and Chairman, Technorati, Inc.

“Andy knows his stuff. Not only is he a great consultant on SEO firm management and search marketing, but he has established himself as a subject matter expert on the topic of brand monitoring and competitive intelligence as well…I wholeheartedly endorse hiring Andy Beal as a consultant. I have no doubt that those who make the investment are getting a distinct, competitive advantage.” Lee Odden, CEO, Top Rank Results

“We had a pretty good sense of what we wanted to do for optimization. Andy did a fantastic job of prioritizing everything we wanted to do and got our network creators on Ning great results.” Gina Bianchini, CEO, Ning.com

“I highly recommend Andy Beal as a keynote speaker. His presentation was not only engaging and informative, but the content was well customized to our audience and continued to resonate throughout the remainder of our conference.  We received a lot of positive feedback from our attendees who appreciated Andy’s expertise and personable style.” Larry Witherspoon, CEO, Tickets.com

“Talking to Andy was a real epiphany – he helped me cut through the clutter to identify the key activities that I need to focus on in order to successfully manage and grow my search agency. I’m feeling more focused and energized than ever since my coaching session. Most important, I now have a clear vision and execution plan laid out in front of me.” Lance Loveday, CEO, Closed Loop Marketing

“After an in-depth site review by Andy, we came out with some very valuable improvement strategies…After turning the advice into actual changes on the site, we are seeing the first results…top double rankings on the first page in Yahoo to significant improvement on Google …I can recommend Andy as a great help for anyone who wants to get significant improvement for their site.” Otto Tromm, Beamax.com

“Andy goes beyond just Internet marketing by seeing the whole picture of your business. He has an amazing talent at finding areas that could be improved upon and developing strategies for capitalizing on those areas. I must have said 50 times to my business partner: ‘I’m so glad we have Andy!'” Michael Jensen, SoloSEO.com

“In less than 30 minutes, Andy found a way to fit in with six of our company executives, as if he was one of our co-workers and peers. He spent half of the day working with our eMarketing Team on recommendations to improve their work day, including industry skills and client relations. The team asked “when can he return?” Our one day investment of Andy’s time was the equivalent of three month’s of industry research that we simply would not have had the time to acquire.” Kevin V. Hourigan, President and CEO, Bayshore Solutions

“Andy has a highly technical understanding of SEO and the SEO industry. Andy provides a wealth of valuable information and strategies. Anyone, from an expert to a beginner in SEO should hire him as an SEO consultant. It is well worth it.”
Danny Shepherd, CEO, Titan SEO

“I hired Andy Beal regarding a very specific set of problems my team was having… Within about twenty three minutes Andy spotted a few even bigger problems that I did not see, and within an hour Andy had a solution for each and every issue. Andy also gave me one subtle tip that will dramatically increase our profits!” Brett T. Smith, President, World Wide Internet Publishing Ltd.

“If you are looking for high quality, results oriented consulting, Andy Beal will make a difference. I spent two hours with Andy and my ROI will be thousands of dollars in revenues in the coming months just from our first two hour session. Don’t look at Andy’s hourly rate as spending money. Look at it as an investment that will give you a great return.” David Williams – David Williams Online

“I am deeply impressed with Andy’s expertise in the area of search but also with his awareness of the “web” broadly. He is a critical thinker and at his speaking engagements and on his blog he displays a remarkable ability to cut through the fluff and focus on the most important ideas. I highly recommend Andy and his company.” Avinash Kaushik, Sr. Manager, Web Research & Analytics., Intuit Inc.

“Andy has always been at the forefront of the SEO/SEM space and has been a pleasure working with. There is much that can be said about Andy, but passion for SEO is what comes to mind first. I have no hesitation in recommending Andy to other businesses interested in forming a business alliance or partnership.” David Warmuz, CEO, Trellian

“Andy is a real professional with a track record of results for his clients. Highly recommended.” Patrick Gavin, President, Text Link Ads Inc

“Andy’s knowledge of search and awareness of the web is extremely impressive. I learned much of what I know of search from him. His speaking engagements and his blog posts cut through the bungle of posts that are trying to “beat the bots for rankings” and focus on the marketing side of search marketing.” Mark Schurtman, Sr. Client Service Lead, Outrider North America

“Andy is the real deal: honest, conscientious, smart, and very willing to share his vast knowledge.”
Timothy Seward, ROIRevolution

“Andy Beal is an industry expert. As a recognized professional search marketer and blogger extraordinaire, his knowledge and influence plays a major role in the rapid emergence of search as major marketing sector. He’s seasoned, hard working and really knows his job.” Mike Grehan, Search Marketing Consultant

“In addition to being one of the foremost experts on Search Engine Marketing, Andy’s frank and pragmatic approach is much appreciated. Definitely a player worth knowing.” Sara Holoubek, Search Marketing Consultant

“Andy is an inspiration to all who work with him. He is pragmatic, innovative, and extremely progressive. Andy is one of a rare breed who is always truly looking ahead. While many use their experience as status and then just rest on their past victories, Andy uses his experience as a foundation for his future. It’s easy to see how and why he has become such an honored person in his field.” Robert McRackan, Programmer Analyst, MarketSmart Interactive

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