In Search of the Perfect Page: Google Offers Insight into SERP Testing

By Peter Young

One of the best things about Google is the simplicity of its search results pages—clean, generally uncluttered and logical. Over the last couple of years these pages have seen some significant changes as Google bring new technologies to the table, with first Blended Search and more recently SearchWiki revelutionising the way we use the search pages. 

It is therefore interesting to see some of Google’s own research into the impact of their changes on user behaviour, something I personally have only seen on studies such as those done by the likes of Enquiro.

Google Expands Magazine Search Functionality

By Peter Young

Within the Google Book Search facility, a wide range of publications are available, however despite the number of resources online, only a small handful of those are magazines.

However things are changing. Google have announced an initiative to bring a vast number of magazine archives and current publications online. This will involve digitising millions of articles from an array of previously offline periodicals such as the New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Ebony (to name a few).

For example, using the example from the official Google Blog. Performing a search for [hank aaron pursuing babe ruth’s record] will return the 1973 Ebony article about Hank Aaron in all its ‘original’ glory—even allowing you to view the 1973 fall fashions. Reading further will allow you to ‘Browse all issues’ meaning you have access to a wide range of Ebony articles from across the decades.