Google Search Advertising Goes Mobile – New iPhone and G1 Targeting

by Rene LeMerle

Search advertisers can now ride the wave of iPhone and G1 mania thats engulfing the mobile world, and target the rapidly growing number of searchers on the go.

Google’s mobile team have just released a new campaign level option that allows AdWords advertisers to target iPhone and G1 mobile phone users.

The number of mobile devices that offer full web browsers is growing exponentially, making it much easier for businesses to tap into the mobile market, which Google obviously wants to dominate.

Whereas in the past, advertisers had to set up mobile ads and mobile landing pages (for best results), the new option allows advertisers to use existing text ads and destination pages on these new mobile devices.

Advertisers Get More Control on Google’s Content Network

Google AdWords advertisers that run content-targeted ads are going to have a easier time managing their campaigns. Until now the content and keyword ads were managed separately. A new feature combines both keyword-targeted ads and placement-targeted ads into one campaign and both will show ads based on keywords.

According to the AdSense blog: “Advertisers can now combine keywords and placements in the same campaign to more precisely target where their ads appear on the Google content network and how much they pay for them. The content network is Google’s advertising distribution channel comprised of hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages and blogs that partner with Google to display targeted AdWords ads.”